Killian,The Decendents of William Thomas,   Children of Lott Bradford,  Martin and Val Nethery,  Page,   History o f Rising Fawn,  Arch O’Neal Family,  The Painter Family.       Verenice

Killian, Descendants of William Thomas;  Nethery, Martin and Valeria;  Page;  O’Neal, The Arch Family;  Nuemberger Family;  Painter Family;     Verenice           The Nuemberger family divorced and left Dade a few years ago.  Don’t know where there are now.

COMPLETED: Ronald Edward and Mwlody Hawkins;      Verenice

COMPLETED: Keefe, Samuel and Sarah Dugan;  Gray, Woodrow and Vinnie Mitchell;  Kendrex, Mary Josephine Moore;  Killian, Descendants of  William Thomas;  Nabors, Benjamin and Harriet McGill;  Nabors, Robert Henry and Nellie Hixson;  Nabors, Children of James and Cora Grote;  Smart, Hollis W.;  Thomas, Kathleen White;      Verenice

FIXED: Gray, Woodrow and Vennie Mitchell; Smart, Hollis W.; Kendrex, Mary Josephine Moore; Killian, Descendants of William Thomas; Nabors, Benjamin F.; Nabors, Robert Henry and Nellie Hixon; Nabors, Children of James C. and Cora Grote; No garbage when I first pull it up but when I hit edit then the garbage comes up all through the article. Verenice.

COMPLETED: I took out the ones that were not about Dade County. I may need to come down there and see what is going on,  all the pictures show up on mine and I’m not getting the unnecessary chariters. Dykes, Sabrina. Forester,the Peter Family. Hales, William David. Hallum, Julia Ann. Hawkins, Nell and Gene. Henderson, Hiram. Henderson Perry J. Family. Hixon, Sara Bennett and John Henry. Jacoway, John P. Jenkins,Annie Rosa Cox. Ketcherside, Allison Obituary. Ketcherside, Mary Polly Cartwright Brown. Ketcherside, Elizabeth Jane allison. Ledford,Blenda Fay Moore. Lee, John Fletcher. Logan, William Bryan and Edith Moore. Lowe, James Knox Polk. Lowe, Samuel Burnswick. Lynch, Family. Mahan, Minnie Elora Rogers and William A. Moore, Malcolm. Verenice. None of the pictures came when I put it on edit. Hales, William David,Hallum, Julie and Lynch Family do not have anything about Dade. Should we use them? I think they be things Linda’s students wrote. Sue had her send them and some are good but I don’t see Dade here. See what you think. I found several unnecessary letters and symbols in this last batch.

I fixed Woodrow Gray. Let me know if it isn’t right. COMPLETED: Davis,  Dean, James Monroe and Parlie  Ketner,   Derryberry, I. John and Lucinda,   Derryberry, William C. and Margaret Lankford,   Derryberry,Three families of Dade,   Derryberry, William Milton and Sarah,   Dobins, Mary,   Dodson, Leota Dloise Pennington,   Donnelly, James Dr.,  Driggs, Job Sherman,    Dudley, Virginia,   Forester, George W. Family,  Forester,Thomas Calendar and Catherine,   Graham,John and Mary Walker,   Gray,Walter D. and Enice Moore,     Gray, WilliamH. and SarahStevens,   Gross Linage,   Hawkins, Calendar E. and Mary Virginia,   Mahan, Minnie Flora Rogers and William A.,    Highfields and related families,   Prince, JohnHocking and Ellander,   Wilaon, Henry    Thomas family                   Verenice

Alice, Look at Woodrow Gray and Vonnie Mitchell. The picture is of two people but has a list of several. I think it is the wrong picture.

COMPLETED: Hurst,Lawrence Thomas and Lucille Christopher,  Prince, John Hocking,   Ralph Rumley,     Sells, J Ewing with grandson.    George  Sutton,    Trenton Cumberland Presbyterian Church,   The Noel Waddle Family.     Verenice        Christophers should have been Hurst, Lawrence Thomas and Lucille Christopher.  I think there is another article about Lott Bradfords family that is better than this one.  I aam going to look for it.  I think Margaret did it and hers are well done.

Mrs. Hawkins, I can’t find Christophers, the others are complete.

Crystal Dawn Pennington,  Barney Bassand Alice Shrader Hurst,  Alta Mae Tittle Beck Obituary,  Jonathan Blevins,  Brysons Inc.,  Benjamin Brock Chadwick,  James Skelton Daniel,  Randolph Family History,  Absolem andJosina Scina Nichols Davis,  Archibald  and Josephine Reeves Durham,  Georgia Game Park,  John T. Gross family,  Harris Chapel,  Beverly Bethune Hawkins,  Christophers,  Henry Jones,  Keeper of Widows and Orphans,  Nelson, Robert Comer and Bertha Mae Pursley,  North Georgia Heating and Air,     Verenice    Will finish tomarrow.

COMPLETED: Avans Post Office,  Jean and Shorty Bradford,  Games children played,  Joel Hulsey,  Jury List, 14 women,  Magby Gap Church of Christ,   New Home Community Store,  John H. Prince Jr. Family,  Rising Fawn Church of Christ,  Sand Montain Methodest Church,  Slygo Baptist Church,  Trenton Telephone Co.,  Frank Augusta Whetzel.     Verenice

I think that man lived after he was shot.  I think that is the same story as the Bloody Tragedity.


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