I fixed Woodrow Gray. Let me know if it isn’t right. COMPLETED: Davis,  Dean, James Monroe and Parlie  Ketner,   Derryberry, I. John and Lucinda,   Derryberry, William C. and Margaret Lankford,   Derryberry,Three families of Dade,   Derryberry, William Milton and Sarah,   Dobins, Mary,   Dodson, Leota Dloise Pennington,   Donnelly, James Dr.,  Driggs, Job Sherman,    Dudley, Virginia,   Forester, George W. Family,  Forester,Thomas Calendar and Catherine,   Graham,John and Mary Walker,   Gray,Walter D. and Enice Moore,     Gray, WilliamH. and SarahStevens,   Gross Linage,   Hawkins, Calendar E. and Mary Virginia,   Mahan, Minnie Flora Rogers and William A.,    Highfields and related families,   Prince, JohnHocking and Ellander,   Wilaon, Henry    Thomas family                   Verenice

Alice, Look at Woodrow Gray and Vonnie Mitchell. The picture is of two people but has a list of several. I think it is the wrong picture.


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