COMPLETED: I took out the ones that were not about Dade County. I may need to come down there and see what is going on,  all the pictures show up on mine and I’m not getting the unnecessary chariters. Dykes, Sabrina. Forester,the Peter Family. Hales, William David. Hallum, Julia Ann. Hawkins, Nell and Gene. Henderson, Hiram. Henderson Perry J. Family. Hixon, Sara Bennett and John Henry. Jacoway, John P. Jenkins,Annie Rosa Cox. Ketcherside, Allison Obituary. Ketcherside, Mary Polly Cartwright Brown. Ketcherside, Elizabeth Jane allison. Ledford,Blenda Fay Moore. Lee, John Fletcher. Logan, William Bryan and Edith Moore. Lowe, James Knox Polk. Lowe, Samuel Burnswick. Lynch, Family. Mahan, Minnie Elora Rogers and William A. Moore, Malcolm. Verenice. None of the pictures came when I put it on edit. Hales, William David,Hallum, Julie and Lynch Family do not have anything about Dade. Should we use them? I think they be things Linda’s students wrote. Sue had her send them and some are good but I don’t see Dade here. See what you think. I found several unnecessary letters and symbols in this last batch.


  1. William David Hales

    I found my name on this website, with somewhat of a family tree. I have no idea where it came from. Could you contact me and let me know what this website is supposed to be and where you got this information? I don’t care, I was just curious.

  2. alicemc

    This is articles that were sent to the Dade County Historical Society for a History book that is being put together for publication. This article starts as if it was written by you but it was submitted by: Id Hales. That is really all I know.

    These articles are supposed to be connected to Dade County but I could not find how it was connected to the County. I thank it is in someway connected to the county it is just not in this article.

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