The congregation had many temporary homes in the early 1930’s. They met first in the home of Millie Daniel; for a short time at the Brown’s Gap church building; and then in a small justice of peace courthouse on the corner of Highways 301 and 136.

In 1943, a deed was made by A. E. Foster to the trustees of the Church of Christ in Trenton, I. H. Wheeler, Jr. and Joe Mayhew. The two ministers had been entrusted with the funds of the church and now returned the money for a permanent building. The deed stated that the church would use only what is ordered in the New Testament, rejecting devices and inventions of men such as musical instruments. The building was constructed mainly by the efforts of Lyman Daniel, The Fosters and Ed Crownover.

The first seats were of boards and a coal stove was used to heat the building. The bread for the Lord’s Supper was made at home and one cup was used for the fruit of the vine.

Early ministers came to us from many places. Brother Smith came from Hog Jaw Valley, Brother Henderson from Glendale, and others from nearby communities, including: I. H. Wheeler, Joe Mayhew, Emitt Gold, O’Dell Denton, James Watkins, Roy Clark and Donald Moreland.

In the mid-forties, the building was used temporarily for two elementary classes when the Davis School burned. Since Ruby Kilgore (Carter) and Beatrice Cloud (Freeman) attended here, they were assigned to teach in the Magby Gap Church building.

Extra classrooms were built after acquiring more land in 1952. Some members responsible for the addition of classrooms, restrooms and baptistery were the Lyman Daniel family, the George Lawson family, Aaron Long and ministers Gold and Wheeler. In 1972, four acres of land was purchased for future growth.

In the Spring of 1981, work began toward a new building and we were worshiping in the new facility in time for homecoming in November. Plans for a full-time minister were realized in August 1981 when C. G. Griffith became the minister.

David Nelson became our new minister in the summer of 1983. In January 1984, plans for new classrooms and a fellowship hall were discussed. Work began and the addition was completed in 1987. A Bible class at the county jail was started. A devotional was started at the Nursing Home one Sunday afternoon each month and also every Thursday morning.

A celebration was held in 1988 when we became financially self-supporting. Emitt Gold became the minister in 1990 and in December of 1993, David Barker began working with our congregation. May God richly bless our continuing efforts. The church address is 3337 Hwy 301, Trenton, GA 30752. (Submitted by David E. Barker.)

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