Rising Fawn Church of Christ

In the spring of 1962 a small group of Christians decided to meet in the community building in Deerhead Cove. They contacted Sam Owens, the minister of the Trenton congregation, and asked him to preach for them. He agreed, and they met on Sunday evenings. Some of the younger men from Trenton helped out by leading the song services, etc. But the building in Deerhead Cove was not suitable for cold weather, so services had to be discontinued in the winter.

Later, bible study and worship services were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Green, Sr. They had a huge den with a large fireplace, so services could be held throughout the year. Members of the congregation at this time included Mr. and Mrs. Green, Mrs. Pauline Allie, Mrs. Treva McCarty, Mrs. Clara Franklin, Mrs. Minnie Street, Mr. Tom Holder, Mrs. Electa Wilson, Miss Mary Lee Davis, Miss Lillie Mae Davis, and Mrs. Midge Fischer.

Since the congregation was growing, plans were made to build a building. The group continued to meet at the Greens’ home until the present building was completed in 1967. This building contained a large auditorium, three classrooms, a baptistry, a nursery, and restrooms. In 1982, an addition was made to the building. It consisted of a fellowship hall with kitchen downstairs and five classrooms upstairs.

Some of the past ministers of this congregation include Bill Laird, Stanley Baker, Roger Davis, Milton Parker, Roy Clark, Jeff Johnson, Dean Roach, and Alan Brown. At the present time there are 42 members of the church meeting at Rising Fawn. That number is expected to increase after a minister’s house is built in the spring of 1997 and a full-time minister is hired to work with the church.

Submitted by Mrs. Minnie Street

  1. Mary Peers Sauceman

    I am very proud to say that Mrs. Street was my grandmother ~ the grandkids called her ” Mama Minnie “. Clara Franklin was my great-grandmother, or ” Nanny ” to the grandkids and great-grandkids. I can remember when I was small and used to have summertime visits with them, that we would meet in the Green’s home ~ then later ~ in the building. Both of these women were such fine Christian women ~ and I loved them both very much!! The Greens are very good people, as well. I knew Faye and Gabby ~ but I’m more familiar with their sons ~ Johnny and Gaston ~ and with Gaston’s wife Kay ~ a wonderful woman and teacher. I have some good friends who work with the church there now ~ Larry and Cheryl Judd. I’m proud to be able to call them my friends ~ and, I’m so impressed with the work that they have, and are, doing there.

  2. verenicehawkins

    Minnie Street was indeed a wonderful teacher. She taught both of my kids in the first grade and it really gave them a good start. I am so thankful that they had her.

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