1st Row (Bottom)–Left to Right

1. Velma Bradford m. Marvin Wallin

2. Eldie Forrester m. Ed Grant, Park White, Jim Carson

3. Mae Forrester m. Roy West

4. Fannie Forrester m. Claude Maxwell

5. Lizzie Bradford m. Ralph Forrester

6. Mae Guinn (died young)

7. Ella Bradford m. Walter McBryar

8. Bill Forrester ?

9. John Forrester

10. Grady Alien m Essie ____

11. Milt Brown m. Lilly Williams, Mary Phillips

12. Frank Forrester

2nd Row:

13. Beulah Williams

14. Nell McBryar

15. Nettie Forrester m. Wesley Forrester

16. Leeta Bradford m. Clifton Key

17. Bertha McBryar m. Harvey Bradford, Frank Forrester

18. Stella Forrester m. Jim Reeves

19. Minnie Bibles m. ____ Phillips

20. Canova Guinn m. Alline Cushion

21. Van Alien m. Myrtle Lambert

22. John Warren m. Flossie Howell

23. Charlie Bradford


3rd Row:

24. Emilie Forrester

25. Emma Forrester m. Fred Castleberry

26. Jewel Forrester

27. Gus McKaig m. Romayne Little

28. John Brown m. Daisy Castleberry

29. Purdle Forrester m. Ethel Hurst

30. Max Forrester m. _ Dickerson

3l. Webb McKaig

32. Chester Forrester

33. Pete Bradford m. Bessie Hester

34. Roy Warren

4th Row (Top):

35. Bertha Powell m. Ed Elliot

36. Ethel Birch

37. Josie Brown m. Troop Castleberry

38. Belle Forrester m. Jack Bradford

39. Effie Bradford m. Ed Amos

40. Jessel Slaton m. Veto Walker

41. Walter McBryar m. Ella Bradford

42. Luther Forrester

43. Harvey Bradford m. Hester Amos, Bertha McBryar Forrester

44. Noah Williams

45. Frank Pickett

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