The New Salem Mountain Festival started as a celebration at the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn – some people think the most beautiful time of the year – when brilliant color of the trees provides a glorious background for beautiful and exciting works of art.

This Festival, sponsored by the New Salem Community Improvement Club, is a celebration of human talent amidst nature’s splendor and welcome all to more abundant living. The Mountain Festival emphasizes quality. Artists, craftsmen, and musicians-many local, – are carefully selected from the best agent available. You will discover here many visual arts – painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor; pottery of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain clay; quilts made in our own community by internationally appreciated quilters; other textiles; weaving and stuffed toys – so well made as to warrant people calling them “soft sculpture.” There is woodwork, jewelry, and various other works in traditional expression and in experiments with new artistic, industrial arts.

The purpose of the New Salem Mountain Festival is… to be a FESTIVAL, an organized effort to bring together a variety of art, crafts, music, and dancing, so that each member of the family can share special pleasures to delight the senses.

Today, in our world of changing experiences, what were once community-held traditions have in many instances been lost to factory work and dehumanized processes. Now it often takes a special effort to locate fine objects made by folks at home. Our efforts are culminated in this, our Mountain Festival.

The festival, which is held the second full weekend in October each year, can be found at New Salem, atop Lookout Mountain, between Trenton and LaFayette, Georgia.

  1. Pam Justice

    I am an artist in Southeast Ga. & am interested in knowing more about the festival. Next year I would like to attend & possibly show my art & sell it. How much would it cost to reserve a place? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Pam Justice

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