MEETING TO BE HELD AT COURTHOUSE MONDAY NIGHT TO FURTHER PLANS FOR NEW PLANT—At a meeting held in the courthouse Monday night, plans were formulated for the proposed new water system in Trenton. The meeting, called by the city commission of Trenton and presided over by Mayor Dyer, was attended by a large crowd of Trenton businessmen and property owners. Much enthusiasm was manifest, and a spirit of cooperation was evident.

The proposed system can, by figures furnished by the McCrary Engineering Company of Atlanta, one of the oldest and largest engineering firms in the nation, be erected at a cost of $58,000.

By estimating for a total of 140 subscribers to the water, the cost to each user will be only $2 per month for the first 3,000 gallons of water. According to the estimate furnished to the city, it will not be necessary to charge any cut-in fee at all.

The initial survey and estimate was for Trenton alone, but the interested parties have taken into consideration the fact that the city may at some time later date decide to extend their lines up the Chattanooga highway or across the creek into the Piney community, such additional lines, when and if constructed, will reduce the monthly rate to consumers in Trenton considerably.

At the meeting Monday night it was decided to hold another meeting Monday night, January 21, at the courthouse in Trenton, at which final plans are to be made for the water system. Everybody who is interested in acquiring a water system for Trenton that will be self-supporting, low water rate, and insuring an adequate supply of water for any and all purposes, is invited and urged to attend this meeting. (THE DADE COUNTY TIMES, Trenton, Georgia, Thursday, January 17, 1946, p 1 c 1.)

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