A list of Voters for J. P. in the 960th Dist. Mar 3, 1860




1.) P. Earp

2) Wm. Sammons                      Elijha Mayors

3.) M. Gass                         (The votes had been tabulated by marking each

4.) Sol McBee                       time a vote was counted.  The total of 27 had

5.) J. W. 0 Neal                    been cast for Elijha Mayors

6.) Z. 0 Neal

7.) B. S. Stephens

8.) S. B. Quinton

9.) S. Steel

10.) R. Marshal

11.) M. D. Worley

12.) G. Brown

13.) Willis Bohamon

14.) James Oliver

15.) George Sitton

16.) J. I. Fowler

17.) Shrug Killion

18.) Moses Marshall

19.) William Cagle

20.) J. W. Sharock

21.) James Sitton

22.) Edward Page

23.) John Sohart

24.) John Gass

25.) Doctor Stephens

26.) Thomas Stephens

27. Wm. E. Brock

Following page:


Dade County

We the Superintendance of the present days Election held in the 960th Dist.

for Justice of the

peace to fill the vacancy of Thomas Earp resignee.

Do Certify that the votes poled is correct March 3, 1860 signed William Cagle, J.P

Z. 0 Neal (unreadable)

W. Sammons, F.H.


Typed as written Paul R. L. Vance

El Gringo Viejo

the Transplanted Okie

Don’t corner what you can’t whoop!

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