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Sarah Hise Sitton Alexander


Sarah Alexander lived in Dade County from about 1842 to 1855. She was born in Greene County, Tennessee in 1786, the daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Jacob Hise and his wife Janey. Born in 1752 in Rowan County, North Carolina, Jacob married Janey in 1775 in east Tennessee in what is known as the Watauga Settlement. Records of the Hise family show up in southwest Virginia in Washington County as well as in Washington County, Tennessee. Jacob is believed to be the son of George and Mary Hise of Rowan and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina. George is thought to be the Hans Georg Hais/Heiss Junior who came to Amercia with his parents, Hans Georg Hais Senior and his wife Anna Dorothea aboard the Charming Nancy from Rotterdam, Holland on October 8, 1737. Lutheran Church records show this family in various Pennsylvania counties (Bucks, Westmoreland, Montgomery). Anna was naturalized April 11, 1749; her will, dated January 23, 1760, was probated April 2, 1760 in Bucks County. George Junior moved down the valley of Virginia and by 1750 settled in the western frontier of North Carolina, as did many German immigrants to the colonies. He is believed to be the Georg Heiss who died in Rowan County December 28, 1794. George and Mary had three other sons to fight in the Revolutionary War: Leonard and Conrad, who settled in Burke County, North Carolina, and George, who settled in Gilmer and Fannin County, Georgia. No doubt there were daughters also.


Sarah Hise, subject of this sketch married Samuel Sitton (although the name is frequently found as Sutton) February 11, 1800, Greene County. Samuel, son of Revolutionary soldier William Sitton and Susannah, died in Greene County about 1819. Sarah was living in Haywood County, North Carolina in 1820 with four sons and two daughters. Some believed she moved there with two brothers-in-law. It is certain her father Jacob lived there, as he named Sarah in his will of October 1820. Jacob died January 11, 1821. On October 22, 1825, Sarah married Daniel Alexander who was born February 15, 1764 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He served in the Revolution and lived in Burke County before moving to Haywood. It is not known for sure, but is reasonable to believe that he was married previously. By 1830, Daniel and Sarah had two daughters and on son and were living next to Sarah’s brother Henry in Haywood County. In the spring of 1832, they moved to Marion County, Tennessee, where Daniel applied for a pension in April, 1833. He died in Marion County on October 1, 1839.


On January 1, 1842 Sarah and Jacob Sitton (probably a son by her first marriage)

  1. Jack R. Hice

    Your comments on the Jacob and George Hise line are very
    Interesting. I’am descended from the Leonard line. As you probable know Leonard was severely wounded at the battle of Kings Mountain (his pension declaration dated July 25 1833 in Burke County, N.C..). And his pension was granted and he received $50 a year until his death.

    At that time he was living with his father in the Holston settlements in the western territory or Va. and he came with the Over Mountain Men to Kings Mountain.

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