Hugh Kelso was the sixth child of Hugh L. W. and Mary Ann Ramsey Allison. On June 3, 1880, he married Laura Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of Hiram and Mary Ann Forester (daughter of Thomas Calendar Forester) Smith. Laura was born May 27, 1864 in Cedar Grove, Walker Co. Laura’s mother died in 1873 when Laura was just nine years old. Hiram then married Mary Ann’s cousin, Rebecca, daughter of Havalow Forester. Laura was unhappy at home and lived with relatives until she finished school and married.

Kelso ran a grocery store and did other things until he finally surrendered to the ministry and became a Methodist preacher. The first four children were girls: Mary Leta (July 17, 1881-Feb. 1, 1945); Ina Smith (Aug. 16, 1883-Oct 22, 1969); Willie Edna (Sept. 20, 1885-Dec. 1, 1953); and Frankie Pearl (Oct. 23, 1887-July 28, 1963). Next was Hubert Johnson (Apr. 15, 1890-Oct. 14, 1902). He died in Rossville, GA so probably the family had moved from Dade Co. by that time. The other children were born in Dade Co., except for the youngest, Gladys, who was born in 1904. The others were Grace Jewell (May 10,1892-Nov. 3,1968); Hiram Ftetcher (Jun. 28,1895-Nov. 24,1964); Lois Dorcas (Sep. 22,1897-Nov. 13,1957); James Cecil (Oct. 5,1900-Oct 19,1972) and Gladys Elizabeth (Oct. 14,1904-July 12,1957). Most of the children are buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Trenton. Leta was buried in Deerhead Cove (Flat Rock, AL), Cecil is buried in Chattanooga and Gladys is buried in Los Angeles, CA.

Mary Leta married Daniel Shelton Austin Dec. 24, 1902 in Rossville, GA. Her father officiated. Their children were Ray Allison (1905-1956) married Harriet Kaufman, Jimmie Matilda (1907-1979) married John Lecil Mahan, Homer Kelso (1913-1982) married Mary Himanga, Hugh Marcus (1910-1990) married Lillian Rankel, Daniel Shelton Jr. (1916-1974) married Jewell York and Ina Barksdale.

Ina Allison married John Andrew Barksdale, June 3, 1903. Their children were Ara Elizabeth (1904-2007) married H. A. Pahmeyer, Mary Ruth married Jas. M. Brown, Jas. Allison (1910-1974) married Ollie Wenrich, Ina May married J.D. Moon, Howard Ault, Clay Ivins and D.S. Austin.

Willie Edna married Geo. H. McDowell, no children.

Frankie Pearl married Auston Swanson. Their child, Eula May, died at age two.

Grace Jewell married Jas. Grady Nethery. Their children are Wm. Franklin II (1911-1912), Mary Laura (1914-1914), James Grady Jr. (1917-1992) married Pearl Hubbard, Martin Allison (1920-) married Valeria M. Krantz, and unnamed boy.

Hiram Fletcher married Blanche West and had a son Morris. They divorced and he married Lorena Hale. Their child Irene (1927- ) married Chas. Hansford.

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