Hugh, born May 20, 1822 in Bedford Co., IN, is believed to have been named for an early governor of Tennessee. He married Mary Ann Ramsey, born Nov. 16, 1832 in Marion Co. TN. Hugh was a trustee of Dade County Academy authorized by the legislature in 1852. He served in the Confederate States Army and took the oath of allegiance to the U.S. at Shellmound, TN, March 1864. On the document he was listed as 6 ft 2 in. tall with dark complexion, black hair and black eyes.

Hugh Allison, Joshua and Pierce A. Tatum, Joshua Forester, Wm. B. Gray and Andrew Brown organized Tatum Iron and Coal Mfg. Co. in 1870. Hugh and J. W. Cureton built the Stone Mill at Trenton on Cureton Mill Road, in 1881.

Hugh died June 7, 1884. Both he and Mary Ann are buried on Ephriam Madison Allison’s farm in Rising Fawn. Mary Ann’s mother, Sidney Buckner (born April 4,1813 in Redford Co., NC) lived with the Allison family. She died Oct. 11, 1892 and was probably buried near her daughter.

H. L. W.’s first child, Timothy William Lee Allison was born July 7, 1849 and died Aug. 3, 1919. He married Mary Ellen Norwood, Oct. 16, 1873. Their children were Annie, Geo. Oscar, Hugh Byron (1874-1924) m.1903 Margaret Dunn; Sidney (1885-1948) m. Rev. Will Elrod; James Russey (1881-1964) m. Verna; Albert m. Lovie Reed Smith; Mary Alma m. Judge Enoch Marvin Baker and Luther (1884-1963) m. Geneva Cox.

Eliza Jane was born Oct. 11, 1851 and died in 1934. She married Enoch Blackburn Ketcherside in 1869. Enoch was born Sept. 7,1846 in Trenton, GA He died Oct. 25,1923 in Los Angeles, CA Their first child, Willie Ida, was born Oct 28,1869 in Arkansas and m. Thomas Van Deren in 1894. The family was in Fannin Co., TX in 1870. They evidently moved back to Dade Co. where Mollie was born Nov. 13, 1871. She never married. James Andrew was born June 21, 1874 in Dade Co. He m. Frances Hance, June 3,1903 and died Feb. 18,1930 in AZ. Hugh Valentine was born Jan. 20,1877 in Dade Co. and m. Hattie Finch in 1902. John Kelso was born June 21, 1879 in Dade Co. He died in Feb. 1908. Minerva Jane was born Dec. 17, 1881 in Dade Co. and m. Horace Johnson, June 1, 1906. Enoch Brown was born Aug 261884 in Dade Co. and died in 1886; Allison Kemper Ketcherside was born April 23, 1888 in Dade Co. and m. Gertrude Rose in 1917. Allison died in 1934 in Phoenix AZ.; Mattie Lucille was born Dec. 15, 1891 in Dade Co. and died unmar­ried in 1916; Hillary Dunham Ketcherside was born June 30, 1894 in Dade Co. and m. Helen Adams. Enoch Ketcherside practiced medicine in Camp Verde and Yuma, AZ. Hillary, practiced medicine around Phoenix, AZ for many years. He was a physician for the Veteran’s Administration in Los Angeles, CA. in his latter years

Nancy Artimency was born Nov. 29, 1853 and died in 1906. She married John A Cureton, June 10, 1875. Their children were Fanny m. John Fowler, Annie m. Washington P. Fowler, Myrtle m. Jim Pace, William Brock m. Carrie Belle Williams, Fred, Michael Morrison m. Rowena, (Dorothy Fay m. Wm B. Schoolfield. Last was Hugh Allison Cureton who must have died early.

John Simeon “Sam”. was born May 25, 1856 and died Nov. 13, 1903. He married Nannie V. Wise, September 18, 1879. Their children were Maud (M. Latham), Zetta (Morgan), Hershell, Verda (Neal Wright), and Mae Allison. Mae married Carl Osborne and was a silent movie star.

Sara Elizabeth “Sally” was born April 2, 1858 and died in 1934. She married Erasmus J. Holleman, Jury 4, 1889. Their son, Glen (1892-1944), m. Lily Ethel Smith, Frances (1894-) m. Thos. Semmes, Hugh Allison (1896-) m. Mildred Blansit

Hugh Kelso was born March 24, 1860 and died May 31, 1933. He married Laura Elizabeth Smith, June 3, 1880. Kelso was a Methodist preacher in the Chattanooga area. Their children were Mary Leta (Daniel S. Austin), Ina Smith (John A. Barksdale), Willie Edna (Geo. McDowell), Eula Mae (Auston Swanson), Hubert Johnson (died early), Grace Jewell (Jas. G. Nethery), Hiram Fletcher (Blanche West and Lorena Hale), Lois Dorcas (John K. Tate), James Cecil (Peggy Agnew), and Gladys Elizabeth (Robt Waggoner).

James Rendleman was born July 6, 1863 and died Feb.2, 1901. He married Mamie H. Pittman, May 21, 1889. Their son Lynn lived in Tulsa, OK with his wife Beryl.

Mikel Morrison was born July 10, 1865 and died in 1930. He married Sarah Augusta “Gussie” Downing, July 15, 1896. She was born in 1869 and died in 1942. Mike was a well known judge in Chattanooga. Their daughter, Mary Bertha m. Wm. Neil Thomas, Violet (1899-1899), George Edward Downing (1900-1921), Charlotte Augusta (1902-) m. Marshall Lasley, Catherine (1903-1953) m. John Alanson Patton, and Evelyn (1909-) m. Edward South. Another son Lt. Michael M. Allison Jr. was killed during WWII. He was survived by his wife LaGeorgia Newell, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. E. T. Newell and a son born just eleven days before his father’s death. The son was M.M. Allison III.

In 1962, a ceremony was held in Judge Allison’s honor by the Chattanooga Area Historical Association. As president of the Dixie Highway Association (organized in 1915) he was instru­mental in getting the Dixie Highway built a marker stands on Suck Creek Road (State Highway 27) erected by the people of the United States to show their appreciation of the great service rendered the country by Judge M.M. Allison. The Dixie Highway was founded upon his faith, his hope and his far vision, his indefatigable labor throughout the states wherein it winds its useful way. He made possible its realization. Judge Allison died Aug. 4, 1930 and Augusta died in 1942. They are buried in Forest Hills cemetery.

Ephriam Madison “Matt”, born Oct. 2, 1867 and died in 1939. He married Allie M. Willis, Feb. 28, 1895. (John A. Cureton signed the Marriage License, as Ordinary, when Matt and Allie were married). Allie was born Dec. 31, 1872 and died Dec. 25, 1953. Their children were Mary Ruth (-1987) m. Claire Jacoway, Edmund Madison (1903-1974) m. Annie Gay Kelley, Harold Willis m. Sara Dorothy Smith, Eleanor m. Noel Woodall, Neal Perkins (Judge in Chattanooga) m. Carolyn Griffis, and Wm. Clifton m. Margaret Davenport. Matt received a fetter of commendation from the U.S. Postmaster General for his 28 years of service as a rural postal carrier at Rising Fawn, GA.

Mary Rebecca “Molly” was born April 15, 1870 and died May 20, 1926. She married Mike J. Fahey, May 23, 1893. Their children were Mary Nell (R. B. Dominick), Allison m. Earl Surrency, Maurice Joseph m. Kathleen and Vera, Mabel (Dr. Chas. Ed Irwin), and Dorothy m. Horace G. Williams.

The 1880 census for Dade Co., GA lists the name and ages of the youngest six Allison children. The older ones probably had their own homes by this time. The oldest at home was Sallie, 22.

  1. Carol Ann Allison Mallory

    Neil Perkins Allison is my Father. He was not a judge, as is indicated. His name is also misspelled – Neil, instead of Neal.

  2. Allison semmes

    Great family info…

  3. Allison semmes

    Great family info.

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