We were talking to a fellow this week who says for the past five years his farm has been more or less a liability rather than an asset… As a matter of fact, we would agree to this statement, except for one reason. This reason is that Mr. Allison has a mighty fine man in charge of his farm. He is J. H. Morgan, who really keeps up with the farming business and informs Luther of the “pros” and “cons” as he “sails past” on his way to his office as County Superintendent of Schools.

Luther admits, however, that under the efficient supervision of Mr. Morgan his farming business will soon come out of the “red”.

The farm of 70 acres in cultivation, is located on both sides of the main highway about a mile north of Rising Fawn. Most of the land is planted in hay; however, sufficient grain is grown for home use and five bales of cotton were grown the past season. Lespedeza and laredo beans are the principal hay crops. Mr. Morgan is busy now planting winter cover crops, Luke says.

Luther is a firm believer in increasing his yields by planting “land builders”… said he doubled the yield on an eight acre field following a crop of peas and soya beans. He has a “demonstration” pasture on his farm and cooperates with the AAA and extension service in every way possible. The demonstration pasture, he says, is ample for the stock kept by him and his manager… some four or five mules and a few cattle. Mr. Morgan manages to ki11 a few “fat hogs” during the winter, and we understand Luke “mooched” a ham for Christmas.

A new barn and crib have recently been built on the place, which indicates that the business might be coming out of the “red”. A family orchard is kept up.

Luther was for six years a member of the farm AAA committee, and has been very instrumental in advancing the farm program in Dade County. He a life long resident of Dade and is our efficient Superintendent of County schools. (THE DADE COUNTY TIMES, January 1, 1942.)

Luther M. Allison was born January 9, 1884 and died December 30, 1963. He is buried in the Hanna Cemetery in Rising Fawn. He was the son of William L. Allison and Mary E. Norwood Allison.

Submitted by Sue Forester

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