Jessie Beckham (June 4, 1785July 15, 1855) and Susan Griffin (March 9, 1799March 22, 1875) raised a large family including: William T. (Bill) (Jan. 12, 1822-?) married Martha Ann Stephens (1826-?), Martha J. (January 21, 1827-?) married Berket Black (1818-?), on July 28, 1848. Nancy M. (August 20, 1823-?). Jessie (January 11, 1833November 18, 1853), James M. (May 29, 1835-?) married Lucinda (1841-?), Lucy A. (April 6, 1839June 14, 1912) married Peter Forester (1828-?), John E. (February 28, 1837-1862) married Susan (1847-?), Louisa (April 6, 1839-1874) married Ceolinder Forester (1840-?), George W. (April 3, 1843-1862).

Martha Ann Stephen and William T. (Bill) Beckham’s family included Tom and Susan S. (1859-?).

Mary Beckham and David Saturwhite’s family included Susan (1856-?) and John W. (1857-?).

Lucy A. Beckham and Peter Forester’s family included George (1857 -?) and Marion (1859-?).

Lucian Beckham and Ceolinder Forester’s family included Lucy A. (1859-?), Edward J. (1864-?), Noah (1866-?) Jesse John Lee (1868-?), Frank (1870-?), Mary Susan (Mollie) (1873-1964) she married John A Alien. After Mollie and John’s children were grown, John died and Mollie married William Cicero (Bill) Amoss.

Martha J. and Berket Black’s family included Sarah A. (1850-?), Nancy J. (1853-?), William Jim (1855-?), John D. (1858-?), Marry Lou (1863-1929) she married William Cicero (Bill) Amos (1869-1956), James C. (1864-?).

Mary Lou Black AND William Cicero Amos

Mary Lou Black AND William Cicero Amos


I don’t know the wife of William Jim but some of his children were: Hattie married Byron Forster, Inez married first James Barton Branon and second Cicero Forester.

  1. Anne Sutherland


    I wanted to mention another child of Burkett and Martha Black’s was Henry J. Black b. 1868. James Barton Black (not James C. as one census had it) was my grandfather. James and Adeline Smith Black were the parents of 9 children. Hettie who married Byron Forester was one and Inez who married Cicero Forester another. William Jesse Black is an unkown at this point to me so I can’t say if he had children. I can give you all the children and dates of James Black’s family, if you would like. I am enjoying the Dade County History Book and meeting some of you working on it on Memorial Day was a real treat. Thanks, Anne

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