Annie Bell was born Jan. 7, 1913, the daughter of Annie Elmira Lea and Robert Bryon Porter, Sr.  She grew up in Dade County and Chattanooga.  She graduated from Chattanooga High School in 1932.

Clarence was born Feb. 22, 1904 in Walker Co., Ga.  His parents were Janie Elizabeth Laughridge and George Adam Carroll, Sr.  He grew up in Walker County and Dade County.  He attended school in Dade County.  Most of his working career was at Combustion Engineering. He had a number of nicknames-Satchel, Son, Tark and Jack.  He played baseball for several years in the area and had been told that he was good enough to be professional.

They were married Sept. 1, 1934 and lived nearly all their married lives at Wildwood. They attended Wildwood Methodist Church for a number of years.  Annie Bell played the piano and they were very active members.  Later they moved to the First Nazarene Church in Chattanooga where she had spent many years of her childhood.  Clarence sang in the choir, served as an usher, and served on the church board.  Annie Bell sang in the choir, taught Sunday School, served on the church board and took a special course and became a consecrated deaconess

They had two daughters-Mary Jaquline and Janie Elizabeth (see Janie and Fred Mahan). Clarence died Feb. 28, 1978.  Annie Bell died March 29, 2000.  They are buried at Sarah’s Chapel.

Written by Janie Mahan

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