The known children of Benjamin Tinker and Elizabeth Louisa A. (last name unknown) were:


1. James W. Tinker died during the Civil War of Small Pox in a POW Camp. He married Nancy Adeline Smith, daughter of Henry Smith and Sarah Blevins. Nancy was born 20 Mar 1836 in Tennessee and was buried in Payne’s Gap Cemetery, Dekalb County, Alabama.


2. Malvina Tinker was born 24 January 1833 in Tennessee. She married Andrew Jackson Adkins on 20 April 1856 in Dekalb County, Alabama. Andrew Jackson Adkins was born in November 1834 in Kentucky, the son of Morris Adkins and Rebecca Young. He died on 2 February 1901 in Dade County Georgia and his will filed in Dade County on 20 February 1901.


The children of James W. Tinker and Nancy Adeline Smith were:


1.  Malvina Tinker was born 3 May 1859 in Alabama and died 19 July 1933. On 20 May 1875 she married John M. Wooten, the son of James Wooten and Mary Boozer. John was born 8 February 1849 in Buck’s Pocket, Jackson County, Alabama and died on 22 Mar 1952. Both Malvina and John are buried in Payne’s Gap Cemetery in Dekalb County.


2. Sarah “Sallie” Tinker was born 1861 in Alabama; married James Wooten.


3. Parsadie Tinker was born in 1864 in Alabama; married John Boatner.


The children of Malvina Tinker and Andrew Jackson Adkins were:


1. James C. Adkins was born 5 July 1857 in Alabama. He married twice. First to an unknown Steele (circa 1880) in Tennessee, Georgia or Alabama. Two known children were born of this union. He also married  Mary E. Young on 15 June 1885 in Jackson County Alabama.  Mary was born 4 November 1868 in Kentucky and was the daughter of James Young and Martha Gregory. Five children were born to James C. and Mary E. Young Adkins. James is believed to be buried in Cagle Cemetery (also known as Deerhead Cove Cemetery) in Deerhead Cove, Dekalb County Alabama.


This information furnished by Willie Pennington.



  1. Doris Reed

    I have Tinker ancestors. Has anyone with the Tinker surname in your family done the dna test? Thank you

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