Thomas Blake and Family

Thomas Kincaid Blake was born 24 November 1776 in South Carolina. It is not know exactly when he moved to Tennessee from South Carolina, but he may have moved with the Hunter family. Thomas married Lucinda Hunter on 6 or 9 June 1821 in Roane County, TN. Lucinda was born 27 March 1802. Thomas died on 8 May 1855 in either Sulphur Springs, Dekalb Co., AL or Sulphur Springs, Dade Co., GA. Lucinda died on June 9, 1876. Thomas is buried in the Gardner Cemetery at Sulphur Springs, AL, and Lucinda may also be buried there in an unmarked grave.

In the 1850 Cherokee Co., AL census, the following people lived in the household of Thomas Blake, in addition to Lucinda: Agnes A., born 1821 in TN; John B., bom 1827 in TN; Rufus Independence Green, born 1829 in TN; Benjamin F., born 1831 in TN; Leah E., born 1833 in TN; Easter A., born 1834 in TN; Josephine, born 1836 in TN; Margaret, born 1838 in TN; Linia L., born 1840 in AL; Thomas, born 1842 in AL. There was also an Easter McMinn, aged 77, born in SC, who was living in the household who may have been Lucinda’s mother.

Thomas moved from Cherokee County to the northern tip of Dekalb Co., AL, near the Dade County line after 1850 and before his death in 1855. However, after his death in 1855 and before 1860, part of the family moved to Rome, Floyd County, GA. This included R. I. G Blake, 31; Lucinda, 48; Lina L., 20; John B., 33; Margarett H., 27; Walter, 5; Clarda, 3; Taluda, 1.

R. I. G. Blake married a widow, Olive Ann Bush, in Floyd County, GA, on 22 February 1867. Olive appears to have been the daughter of James and Anna Brown and had married W.W. Bush in Dekalb Co., AL on 2 August 1854. One known child was born of the Bush union, Oliver P. Bush (6 July 1855-2 April 1906), buried next to Joe Blake in the Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Dekalb Co., AL. Oliver married Martha L. Franklin on 20 May 1877.

Rufus enlisted in Co., D, 39th Georgia Volunteers as a private on 17 September 1861, in Rome, GA. He served most of the Civil War, but lost an eye during one battle for which he applied for benefits. He was paid one lump sum of $30.00. His application was filed in Dade County, GA. His widow also filed a claim. He stated that at the close of the War, he was living in Rome, GA, his home. From Floyd County, Rufus Blake and family moved to Franklin Co., TN before 1870, then to Dade Co., GA before 1880, where they would remain.

The following children were known to be born to the union of Rufus Independence Green Blake and Olive Ann Brown Bush: Olive B., born 25 June 1869, died 5 June 1890, never married; Thomas B., 1872-1955, married Margaret H.; Joseph, 1875-1896; Frances “Fanny,”; Larkin S., born 14 October 1881, died 29 June 1975, married Lilly Carnes.

Around the first of August 1893, W. U. and J. P. Jacoway, Attorneys for Olive Blake, widow of R. I. G. Blake, entered a petition in the Court of Ordinary, Dade Co., Courthouse, Trenton, GA for twelve months* widow support for herself and four minor children. The minor children were Thomas, Joseph, Fanny and Larkin. Appraisers were appointed and set aside enough for her support and her children and a sufficient amount for household furniture. Appraisers were appointed 3 August 1893. She was granted $800.00 and all household furniture. This included 45 acres in land lot 18,18* district and 4th section and 160 acres in land lot 4, 12th district and 4th section of Dade County. A horse colt, valued at $25.00, was set apart for attorney fees. This was dated 4 September 1893, and was signed by G. A. R. Bible, J. W. Hamic, G. M. Mason, Joe L. White, and G. J. Bible, appraisers.

In 1900 Olive was maintaining her own household. By the 1910 census, she may have been in failing health as she was enumerated in the household of her son Larkin and daughter-in-law Lilly. Olive died in 1918 and was buried beside her husband in the Sulphur Springs Cemetery.

The marriage date and place for Larkin Servetis Blake and Lilly Games is unknown. According to Moore Funeral Home records, Lilly was the daughter of Rufus Carnes and Nellie Crowder; she was born 11 October 1882 in Mississippi and died 28 September 1970 in Dade Co., GA. Larkin and Lilly Blake had five children: Hazel, who is buried in a cemetery in Huntsville, AL; Pauline, 1903-1927, married a Timberlake, buried at Sulphur Springs; Wilma Blake Wilson, 1911-1928, buried at Sulphur Springs; Lucille Blake Janeway, born 6 August 1907, died 7 July 1991, buried at Sulphur Springs; and a son Rufus Larkin Blake.

Larkin and Lilly Blake’s son Rufus Larkin Blake was born 26 December 1915 and died 29 March 1985. Rufus married Lorraine Yvonne Bacon, the daughter of James J. Bacon and MayBelle Bealor of Knoxville, TN. The Bacons are buried at Ringgold, GA. Lorraine was born 6 September 1918, and died 9 August 1990. Both she and Rufus are buried in the Sulphur Springs Cemetery.

Rufus and Lorraine Blake had one son Norman Lee Blake, born 10 March 1938. In 1963 Norman married Mildred Spezziale. They had two sons, Lee Carter Blake, born in 1964 and Carnes Larkin Blake, born 1971. Norman and Mildred divorced in 1970.

In 1975 Norman married Nancy Ann Short in Nashville, TN. Nancy had one daughter by a previous marriage, Joy Simone Levine (father is Syd Levine). Nancy was originally from Independence, Missouri.

Lee Carter Blake married Jane Woods of Alabama and they have three sons, Larkin DeForest Blake, Thomas Martin Blake, and Joseph Lee Blake.

Carnes Larkin Blake had one son Levi Blake whose mother is Nikki Fossett. He had a daughter Brittany who was adopted by her mother Linda Whitehead Davis and her second husband. He then married Carla (maiden name unknown) and they have one daughter Cara Lorraine, born 5 December 2007.

Joy Simone Levine married David Rollings and they have two children Seth Blake Rollings and Madison Simone Rollings. Joy and David are divorced.

Norman and Nancy Blake currently live in Rising Fawn, GA. For more information on their musical careers, see the article on Norman Blake.

  1. Levi Blake

    Well, I am Levi Blake, all of this info is actually right, so good job whoever wrote this.


    I am related to THOMAS EARLY BLAKE 1776-1855 through his daughter LEAH E BLAKE 1832-1914 that married WILLIAM JACKSON NICHOLS 1821-1890.

    THOMAS EARLY BLAKE was born 2 Nov 1776 and was the son of WILLIAM BLAKE 1740-1781 and his wife PHANUEL HORNSBY. “FANNY” HORNSBY was the daughter of LEONARD HORNSBY 1699-1779 and his wife ELIZABETH WILSON.

    This information is mainly from the “Hornsby/Stroud Family Bible” which can be viewed at:

  3. verenicehawkins

    If you are coming from Ft Payne you can see the cemetery from the Sufphur Springs exit from I 59

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