Jonathan Blevins was born July 17, 1817, the son of a Circuit Riding Primitive Baptist Preacher. On August 27, 1837, Jonathan married Emily Maxwell. Before coming to the Grapevine area, Jonathan served for 16 years as Sheriff of Dade County, Georgia. When Jonathan and his family left Georgia by wagon train, some of their married children and their families also decide to join the wagon train.

One daughter, Sarah Elizabeth and her husband William Henry Taylor Blevins and two children made the long journey from Georgia. After coming to Grapevine, two more children were born to them. Their youngest child was Benjamin Franklin Blevins.

Benjamin Franklin Blevins was born on April 6, 1883, in the Old Union Community four miles west of Grapevine. Benny married Eula Vining Willey, daughter of Cantrell V. and Sarah Isadore Willey, on August 23, 1903. Benny was born and married in the same room Benny farmed for many years, in several West Texas counties, before moving to Fort Worth, he worked for the Pierce Oil Company and Sinclair Oil Company as a watchman. Later, he was a special Security Officer for several businesses on East Lancaster Street. Eula helped her husband in the fields while they raised four children. Though their days were full of hard work and family love, Benny and Eula were never to busy or tired to help others in need. Many of their nights were spent tending friends or relatives who were sick.

Benny and Eula had four children. They are Jerrold Otis, Sudie Gladys, Oma Lavenia and Edward Melvin (Sonny).

Jerrold Otis Blevins, born on December 19, 1906, served in the U.S. navy during World War II. He joined the Navy on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was discharged from the Navy in 1945 and joined the Merchant Marines in 1946 Otis served in the Merchant Marines until he was disabled. He died on December 10, 1969 and is buried in Green Hills Memorial Park, San Pedro, California. His survivors include his wife, Ruth Olene (Mclntire) Blevins, the daughter of Asalee Mclntire and Hattie Mae (Bright) Mclntire.

Sudie Gladys was born on May 28, 1912 and died on October 24, 1914.

Oma Lavenia Blevins was born on April 22, 1918. She married Joseph Edgar Douglas, Jr., son of J. E. Douglas, Sr. and Car rah (Edmondson) Douglas, on January 8, 1938. Joe and Oma bought a place in the Old Union Community, now part or Southlake, about 1/2 mile from her birthplace. They lived there nearly 30 years before moving to White Settlement, Texas, where they now reside. Joe and Oma had two daughters: Oma jo and Elinor Ruth.

Oma jo Douglass was born May 29, 1950, married Freddie Dale Berry, son of Steve Deward Berry and Ethel Lee (Bigham) Berry, on Aug 11, 1967, have two sons, Timothy Dale Berry (Nov 7, 1971) and Corey Lynn Berry (June 16, 1976). They live in East Texas near Dekalb.

Elinor Ruth Douglass was born Dec 27, 1953, married Ronald Lee Stapleton, son of Bob J. Stapleton Jr., and Martha Jo (Long) Stapleton, on June 18, 1971, have two sons, Douglas Bryan Stapleton (Oct 4, 1971) and Jeffrey Scott Stapleton (Jan 31, 1973). They live in Keller, Texas. Ronnie’s step-father is Darrel Burgess of Southlake.

Edward Melvin (Sonny) Blevins was born on Aug 7, 1921. He married Betty Bob Ivey, daughter of Elija Nile Ivey and Lucille Johnson, on March 23, 1946. Edward Blevins served with Btry B, 15th Field Artillery, 2nd Div., U.S. Army during WW II. Edward now makes his home in Irving, Texas. Edward and Betty had four children: Robert Otis, Ben Edward, and two daughters, Beverly and Bonnie died at birth. Betty died on Jan 3, 1971.

Robert Otis Blevins was born on May 9, 1947. He married Barbara Nell Vaughn, daughter of Arville McDonald Vaughn and Jessie Ruth Vaughn, on April 11, 1966. They have three children: Robert Otis Blevins (Dec 31, 1966), Barbara Angelina Blevins (Dec 4, 1967), and Lisa Ann Blevins (June 11, 1971). They live in Burleson, Texas.

Ben Edward Blevins was born on Jan 2, 1949. He Married Linda Jo Vaughn, sister of Barbara Nell Vaughn, on June 27, 1967. They have one son, Christopher Edward Blevins (Nov 12, 1975) and live in Arlington, Texas. (GRAPEVINE AREA HISTORY, 1979. Submitted by Oma Lavenia Blevins Douglass. Used by written permission from the Grapevine Area Historical Society, Grapevine, TX)


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