THE SISTER TREE – Beautiful Southern Magnolia planted at the new Dade County High School in appreciation for many contri­butions to our Youth, our Dade County Library, and Cherokee Regional Library.

ERSALINE – An educator for forty-five years, having taught thirty-seven years in Dade County as classroom teacher and elementary principal. She was a special reading teacher at Marietta in Cobb County, Georgia and retired from that school system. She was a delegate to the National Teacher Associa­tion Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota and presided as Chairman of Classroom Teacher’s Banquet at the National Con­vention. She served as Chairman of the Dade County Library Board and Chairman of the Cherokee Regional Library Board. She was a Dade County High School graduate and University of Georgia graduate with a Master of Education degree. She was a member of Alpha Delta Kappa Honor Society and was the first woman to serve on a Dade County jury. She was also the first Dade County recipient of the Liberty Bell Award and had a Home Economics Club named in her honor. Ersaline passed away a few years ago, but her star has not diminished, but still shines brightly.

BEULAH MAE – A Dade County High School graduate, she began her teaching career during World War II, being certified by the Georgia Department of Education. She taught the first and sixth grades a number of years, after which she was a favorite substitute teacher of all grades. She was liked by the students and teachers as well. In this job, she taught, graded papers, and balanced registers. Today, Beulah Mae lives with her husband, Hardee, north of Trenton, Georgia.

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