William Jackson Bradford

William Jackson Bradford and Nancy Jane Warren

William Jackson Bradford and Nancy Jane Warren

William Jackson Bradford came to Dade County from Greene County, Tennessee. He was born in Cocke County, Tennessee to James and Sarah Bradford. He married Nancy Jane Warren, daughter of Lott Worth and Sarah Warren, in Dade County in 1854. They made their home in Dade County and reared a large family.

William Jackson was a land owner and farmer. He also served in the Confederacy (as did two of his brothers James and Henry). William Jackson enlisted and entered the Civil War in 1861. He fought in the Lookout Mountain Dragoons of the 34th Georgia Infantry, Company F. He was captured at Vicksburg. He refused to sign an oath of allegiance and was put into prison. On March 30, 1865, he signed the oath and was released.

Nancy Jane Warren Bradford’s will made July 27, 1908, mentions all of their children except William, Thomas, and Mary. These children died prior to the making of her will. Sarah, Lot, William, Bennett, Thomas, John, Mary, Nancy, Westley and Marshall are all buried in Hawkins Cemetery as are their parents. Susan Jane Bradford and husband James Cox are buried in Union Baptist Cemetery in Lipscomb, Alabama. Connie Clement Bradford is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Bessemer, Alabama.

William Jackson Bradford born 12-5-1836 and died 5-18-1908; married Nancy Jane Warren born 1-5-1836 and died 8-18-1923. Their children are as follows:

1. James Martin Bradford born September 1859 and died 9-14-1944; married first on 12-21-1879 to Mary E. Cox born 5-2-1859 and died 5-18-1919; his second marriage was to Lucy Smith.

2. Lot E. Bradford born 3-1-1861 and died in 1934; married 9-28-1887 to Sarah Elizabeth Alien born in 1873 and died in 1929.

3. Sarah C. Bradford born 2-24-1862 and died 9-24-1922; married 2-21-1886 William Presley Cox born 7-28-1861 and died 2-2-1922.

4. Susan Jane Bradford born 10-1-1865 and died 4-27-1944; married on 9-18-1887 James Robert Cox born 8-25-1866 and died 5-25-1948.

5. William D. Bradford born May 1867 and died 9-20-1873.

6. Bennett Bradford born February 1868 and died 3-19-1873.

7. Thomas D. Bradford born 1869 and died 8-19-1873.

8. John Henry Bradford born 4-27-1871 and died 5-6-1947; married Lula E. Alien born 1-8-1877 and died 2-23-1961.

9. Mary Bradford born 1-19-1873 and died 8-19-1873.

10. Nancy A. Bradford born 5-11-1874 and died 3-15-1953; married John Ruben Warren Collins born 8-27-1873 and died 1-15-1909.

11. Westley D. Bradford born in 1878 and died in 1955; married 1-9-1898 Etta Cora Moore born December 1878 and died in 1953.

12. Marshall Glazier Bradford born 2-16-1880 and died 4-14-1947; married 3-27-1902 Barbara Cornelia Forester born 3-11-1882 and died 3-5-1974.

13. Connie Clement Bradford born 6-5-1881 and died 7-21-1933; married Cornelia McBrayer in 1904.

Mrs. Anna Wallace Sweetwater, TN 37874

  1. Jim Glass

    This couple is my great, great, great grandparents through James Cox and Susan Bradford. I would love to have any additional information on this family.

  2. verenicehawkins

    Click on Bradford, Lott and Elizabeth also Bradfords Come to Dade County

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