The is a transcription of family history notes in the Carroll Family Bible originally recorded probably by Nancy Stewart Carroll and probably continued by Eva Shaw Carroll.  The handwriting is Spenserian Cursive and difficult to read.  The interpretation was done by Fayden Carroll Hanna with a very few minor changes that I made. –Bill Dunn.


Jackson Carroll                     July 16, 1816

Nancy Carroll                        March 17, 1821


Their children:


James Carroll                        September 26, 1840

Eliza J. Carroll                      September 14, 1842

Milla A. Carroll                     February 25, 1845

Symeon R. Carroll                April 25, 1847

Elizabeth M. Carroll             May 5, 184?

Lucy C. Carroll                     October 25, 1851

William J. Carroll                 June 25, 1854

Melvin L. Carroll                  November 8, 1856

Martha A. Carroll                 August 29, 1859

Mary E. Carroll                    October 4, 1861

Jackson L. Carroll                March 7, 1864


Note 1:  The “M” in Milla above?  There is a William, aged 5, on the 1850 census that didn’t appear on the 1860 census.

Note 2:  The Symeon above actually could be Symeour?

Note 3:  The last digit of the date for Elizabeth is in the binding.

Note 4:  Milla was interpreted as 1843, could actually be 1845.


Blanche Hamilton

Americus Carroll

Washborn                              August 15, 1880

Willie Ruth Carroll               December 15, 1882

Martha Ella Carroll              October 21, 1854

Jackson M. Carter                October, 1887


This page starts with Eva M. Carroll, wife of Jackson Lee Carroll and lists their children:


Eva. M. Carroll                     May 15, 1889

Melvin W. Carroll                 April 9, 1891

Ruby Lee Carroll                  March 11, 1895

Thomas Franklin Carroll     January 9, 1897

Jackson Louis Carroll          December 13, 1901

Eula Mae Carroll                  September 12, 1903

Nellie Ray Carroll                 July 12, 1906


Bill Dunn

Tulsa, OK

  1. Charles E. Carroll

    Where did Jackson and Nancy Carroll live in Georgia?

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