Benjamin Brock Chadwick, born April 12, 1826, was the youngest child of John and Mary (Stevens) Chadwick. He was born in Bradford Vermont and was the last of a large respected family who had lived there on the Upper Plain.

In 1850 he married Ruth Ann Johnson. She preceded her husband in death by several years.

Mr. Chadwick had been in the oil business and had lived in Ohio and West Virginia before moving to New England City in the late 1880’s where he lived until his death. During the last few years of his life he had been greatly interested in the building of the New England city Methodist Episcopal Church to which he gave freely of his time and money.

The New England City Methodist Church was dedicated on February 4, 1906 and Benjamin, who was a pioneer member of the church, was honored for his faithful service in maintenance and construction of the building. He was also a potent factor in the Sunday school work

During the dedication service conducted by Dr. S.D. Long, presiding elder of the Chattanooga District, a motion was made to honor the invalid Squire Chadwick. In a few short minutes this motion resulted in about $200.00 which was raised by the generous congregation. Benjamin was too ill to attend the dedication but thanked the congregation for their gift.

A few days later, Esq. Chadwicks condition became critical, arrangements were made for the AGS train to stop in New England City where he was placed on board and removed to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga for medical treatment. He died March 1, 1906 at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Henry Chadwick of Newton Mass., and a nephew of Benjamin’s, came to assist in the burial. With the help of Dr. T. J. Lumpkin, the body of Benjamin Brock Chadwick was returned to his native Bradford Vermont where he was buried in the Chadwick lot in the cemetery on the upper Plain on March 5th. (Information from the DADE COUNTY SENTINEL, February 9, 1906 and March 23, 1906.)


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