I can honestly say I have saved the best for last. (Refer to article Tiffany Nicole Dill Byrd.) On 8-26-1995, I married my best friend, Charles Edward Byrd, Jr., b. 4-29-1973, the son of Charles Edward, Sr., b. 11-29-1941 and Carol Ann Byrd Byrd, b. 12-24-1942. Yes, her maiden name is Byrd, but no relationship. Charles has two brothers: James Christopher Conner Byrd, b. 12-30-1975 and Gregory Lamar Byrd, b. 2-10-1979… this family all being born in Hamilton Co., TN. But, they have made their home in Kensington (Walker Co) since about 1970.


Charles and I met in the eighth grade at LaFayette Junior High School, I am nine months his senior. Our friendship began in 1985. We watched each other grow up and maintained that friendship until the day he came into Fred’s Discount Store in LaFayette where I was working to ask me out. I didn’t give him the opportunity, I asked him first. He is wonderful, kind, sincere, intelligent, and very much a gentleman. He graduated from UGA in June 1996 with a degree in Physics. He was the number one pole vaulter on the track team and holds the title as third best pole vaulter in the history of the University. Charles gives me many reasons to be proud of him, but the best reason is he is a Christian. He practices God’s words daily. That makes him mot precious to me.


Charles’ prize possession is his 1966 red Mustang convertible, a gift from his grandparents, James Terrell and Eva Byrd, of Rossville, GA. J. T. owned a car lot on Rossville Blvd., Byrd Motor Company.


Charles loved working at the lot with his grandfather. From about the age of two, he was allowed to start the cars on the lot. He would sometimes yank the key from the ignition before turning them off, breaking the key off in the ignition. Charles and his grandfather had a very special relationship. When he was about five years old, he and his father, “Sonny” Charles Sr., were removing a large dead tree from his grandfather’s yard. At the end of the day with the job completed, Sonny told Charles that he was the foreman and it was his duty to collect “their pay.” Charles went to his grandfather and was paid $100.00. When he returned to his Dad, he was asked where “their” pay was. Charles told him to collect his own pay. Sonny allowed his son to keep all of the $100.00 with which Charles treated his family to dinner at the Pizza Hut and bought himself a B.B. gun. (Submitted by Tiffany Nicole Dill Byrd.)




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