Charles Robert Cox

Charles Robert Cox born 1-19-1889 to James Robert 8-25-1866/5-25-1948 and Susan Jane Bradford Cox 10-1-1865/4-27-1944 married Bessie Irene Baker 10-16-1883/4-14-192? Their children are James Charles, Robert Melton and  Lola Mae.  James Charles Cox born 5-2-1906 died 5-2-1917 buried in Union Baptist Cemetery, Lipscomb, Ala. James’s children are Loraine Cox and James Charles, Jr.   Robert Melton Cox married Juanita McDougle of Bessemer, Ala.  Lola Mae Cox married Robert Elgin Hendricks. Lola’s children are Charles and Edward Hendricks.

Arthur Carl Cox

Arthur Carl Cox was born to James Robert Cox and Susan Jane Bradford on 9-8-1890 died 11-12-1964. Maggie Naomi Ingle from Fort Payne, Ala. was his wife. She is ninety-two years old and lives with her daughter in Smyrna, GA.

Arthur and Maggie had one daughter, Virginia Louise Cox born 4-24-1926. She married R. A. Lawing from Chattanooga, TN. The Lawings have three children: David, Carol and Daniel. They reside in Smyrna, GA.

Arthur was a machinist working at Red Mountain for several years. He moved to West Virginia and returned to Georgia when he became disabled.

Pearl C. Cox Gray

Pearl C. Cox born 1892 died 7-15-1978 was the daughter of James Robert and Susan Jane Bradford Cox. She was married twice, first to Louis Mayfield. They had one son, Earl Mayfield..  Pearl then married Dee Gray and they had one daughter, Patricia Gray.

Anna LaPatra Cox York

Anna LaPatra Cox born 4-1893 married 1. Albert Franklin Baker born 11-20-1891 and  ________ York.  She was the daughter of James Robert and Susan Jane Bradford Cox.  The Bakers had five children: Carl, Pauline, Vivian, John Willis and James.

Carl Baker married Cleo Gray.  They had four children: Granville, Walter Franklin, Louise and Winnie Eunice.  Vivian Baker was married four times, Harold Lester, Paul Dormer, Charles Garr and Roy Anderson. John Willis Baker married Willie Ortez. James Baker married Emma Jean Palmer.  They had one son, John Baker.

Harvey Jackson Cox

Harvey Jackson Cox born to James Robert and Susan Jane Bradford Cox 1-23-1896 died 12-24-1929. He married Zelma Lee Jackson. There was one daughter, Edna Mae born 9-5-1922.

Etta B. Cox Gibson

Etta B. Cox born 1-25-1897 to James Robert and Susan Jane Bradford Cox married Eaton Gibson born 3-4-1889 died 4-15-1960.  The Gibson children are Wiley, Walter, Robert , Melba, Charles and Doris.

Nola Essie Cox Bullard

Nola Essie Cox daughter of James Robert and Susan Jane Bradford Cox was born 8-6-1899 died 4-6-1975.  She married Samuel E. Bullard born 5-25-1896 died 12-23-1966. Their children are Samuel E., Jr., John Robert (Billy), Jackson (Jack) and Arthur Lee (Sonny).

Written by Mrs. Anna Wallace

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