This Davis family came into Dade County as a result of Alley Davis marriage to Edward Page.

By 1850 the Davis family from Marion Co. TN had moved into Dade Co. GA. And owned land valued at $600, the land was originally from the 1832 Cherokee land lottery. This family had owned a large amount of land in Marion Co. prior to moving into Dade Co.

Alley’s parents were Absolem Davis b. in TN abt. 1785, died before 1866 in Dade County GA. And Josina Nichols b in TN abt. 1800 being the daughter of David and Mary Ann Polly Nichols, Josina died abt. 1886 in Dade Co. Ga.

Their children were:

Mary Ann b. abt. 1821, Priscilla b. Jan 1824, Catherine b. abt. 1826, and died in Dade county Feb 2nd, 1870, Alley b. Feb 10th, 1828, John b Oct. 18th, 1829, David b April 27th, 1834, William b abt. 1834, Ephraim b abt. 1840.

Absolem Davis parents were James Davis b. in Amherst Co VA abt. 1782. He died Sept. 1831 in Wayne Co Kentucky. His mother was Priscilla Richardson b. in Goochland VA abt. 1782. Their children were Ephraim 1783, Absolem 1785, Robin 1787, Polly 1789, and Priscilla 1791.

James father was John Davis b. in Amherst Co. VA abt. 1722. He married Jemima Jefferson. Their children were: Robert 1754, Thomas 1756, William 1758, John 1764, James 1762, Mary 1765, and Jemima 1766.

There is still research going on abt. Jemima’s family being in house slaves for Thomas Jefferson’s brother, believed to be George Jefferson, Jemima may have been a product of slave and master relationship. The Davis family has a strong Civil War History.

Davis is one of the oldest families in Dade County GA.

  1. Carole

    HI there,

    My husband is a descendant of Jemima Jefferson and John Davis. I am curious about the idea that Jemima was a child of George Jefferson by a house slave. Could you give me any information regarding this? I am currently in Virginia looking for info regarding Jemima anything you could give me would be much appreciated.

  2. Carole

    Thank you

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