Three Derryberry families were documented in the 1850 Dade County, Georgia Federal Census Records.

They were:  I. John Derryberry & wife Lucinda, II. William C. Derryberry & wife Margaret, III. Milton Derryberry & wife Nancy.

It has been the assumption by some researchers that these three Derryberry men were brothers and the son’s of a John Derryberry born in Tennessee about 1790 and wife Cassandra, born in South Carolina about 1800.

Since I have no documentation confirming the father’s name, as John Derryberry or the mother as Cassandra, I will refer to him as the elder Derryberry and wife Cassey.

Some researchers have speculated that this unknown Derryberry could possibly be Henry Derryberry son of Jacob and Christina Derryberry of Warren County, Tennessee, however, their is no documentation to confirm this theory.

There has been documentation in Dade County History that the elder Derryberry, his son John and all of their children died during a typhoid fever epidemic that occurred in about 1852.  However, I have found in my research that the elder Derryberry had already passed away prior to 1850 and his widow Cassey was residing in the home of her youngest son, Milton Derryberry.  This is confirmed in the 1850 Dade County, Georgia census records.

The eldest son, John Derryberry was very much alive in 1860, according to census records, he was residing in Dade County with his wife Lucinda and family.

The middle son William C Derryberry was deceased by 1860, but widow Margaret Lankford-Derryberry was residing in Dade County with three children.

The research on the descendants of these three Derryberry families from Dade County Georgia is by no means complete, it has just begun.

It is my desire to share this research information with everyone, hoping it will help clarify some of the existing information and learn the origin of this Derryberry family line.

My research material came from Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia & Texas, federal census records, land & tax records, birth & death records, personal interviews with Derryberry descendants, family bible records, correspondence with other Derryberry researchers and personal knowledge.

Written by Patricia Ann Brawner-Derryberry-Schiro Bedias, TX 77831

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