Dewey Lee and Mary Ann Stancil Middletonmiddleton-dewey-and-mary

Dewey Lee Middleton was born May 31, 1931 in Walker County Georgia to William Edgar Middleton and Verda Mae Cohen Middleton. Edgar was born February 17, 1892; died November 27, 1961, and Verda Mae was born April 5, 1899; and died August 7, 1932. She was killed in a car accident that left Edgar with five boys, Dewey being the youngest. He then married Jessie Bea Roach and they had seven children.

Dewey was raised in LaFayette and served in the Korean War from July 23, 1950 to March 22, 1954. While in the military he toured Germany, Italy, and Japan. On October 8, 1954 (after returning home from the service) he married Mary Ann Stancil, oldest daughter of Joe Stancil, (born June 13, 1911; died October 25, 1974) and Charlotte I. Morrison Stanciil (born October 12, 1916; died November 22, 1975).

Mary Ann was born in Walker County. However, her family moved to Detroit, Michigan where she was raised for fifteen years before returning to the South.

Dewey Lee and Mary Ann have three children and two grandchildren (and they are grand). He is a member of New Salem United Methodist Church, retired from Georgia State Highway Department and is a member of Western Lodge 91 F&AM.

The children of Dewey and Mary Ann are: 1) Joey Lee, born August 12, 1955 in Walker County; married Donna Kathleen Morgan, November 29, 1974. (Refer to article Joe Lee Middleton). 2) Daborah Ann Middleton born August 8, 1956 in Walker County; married Jefferson LaFayette Brown of Kensington (Walker County). (Refer to Daborah Ann Middleton article). 3) William Edward, the youngest of the three children, was born on April 15, 1959 in LaFayette and is married to Vicki Lynn Ridley (Refer to William Edward Middleton article).

Dewey and Mary Ann decided after they sold their place on Lake Weiss that they wanted a cabin in the mountains. So, after much searching, they came upon a spot on the bluff of Lookout Mountain (in the New Salem Community) on Plum Nelly Road (renamed since to Sunset rive) above Johnson’s Crook.

It is the most beautiful place in the World. After going out every evening after work and every weekend they decided to sell their home in LaFayette and live permanently on Lookout Mountain. Their son, Joey, said “Mama, you can’t sell our home.”

Remembering that the children all have their own homes, I replied with “Joey, home is where the heart is”. They all love it now and we have been residents for seven years. People take vacations and visit other places, but we just can’t seem to find anything that compares with where we now live… it is like being on vacation all the time. We thank God every day for all our blessings. (Submitted by Dewey and Mary Ann Stancil Middleton)

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