Dola Lorraine Moore

Dola Lorraine Moore was born 12-8-1923  and died 5-2-1981.  She was the daughter of Walter J. and Fannie Gray Moore.  Dola married General Hardee Morrow, Jr. who was born 6-9-1922. They were married in November, 1942. Parents of four children, their first born was Jerry Wayne born 6-21-1947.  He married Mary Elizabeth Moon born 2-18-1948. They have one daughter Amy Elizabeth born 5-6-1973.

Their second child was Dianna Louise born 8-16-1952 married William

Preston Suggs born 4-16-1948 on 10-15-1972. They are parents of two children, Christopher Michael born 2-23-1975,  and Jillian Michelle born 9-27-1980.

Jennifer Yvonne born 8-2-1955 is their third child. She married on 8-28-1982 Stephen Edward Ashby born 8-5-1955. They are parents of three children: Stephanie Laine born 9-7-1984, Stacie Maria born 2-7-1986 and Sara Elizabeth born 10-28-1989.

The forth child is Terry Michael born 12-9-1957.  He married Charlotte Denise Jackson born 3-30-1958. They married 7-23-1977. The Jacksons are parents of one daughter Jessica Marie born 4-1-1988.

Dola worked at McAllister Hosiery Mill. She is buried in Hawkins Cemetery.

Walter Lloyd (June) Moore

Walter Lloyd (June) Moore son of Walter J. and Fannie Gray Moore was born 1-24-1926 died 1-26-1978.  Walter married Ethel. They had one son Roger Moore. Roger married Diane and they are parents of two children, Jennie Moore and Jim Bob Moore.

Later, “June” married Althea Ceilings born 7-29-1940. They have three children: Kristina Marie born 4-9-1964, and Beverly Jean  born 2-23-1967. Beverly has one daughter Erin Renee born 4-7-1988, and Walter Lloyd Jr. born 11-22-1968 married 2-7-1985 Teressa Ann Nolan. They have three children;  Crystal Ann born 9-17-1987, Kyrstan Lynn born 3-1-1989 and Kristopher Lloyd born 9-22-1990.

June worked in the coal mines as a teenager.  At  age seventeen he left home and went to Portland Oregon. He became a lumberjack. He also worked for  the Pacific Railroad as a welder.  June’s family bought a farm, raised cattle and chickens. They also had a large garden producing most of their food.

June died in the early 1980’s and is buried in Hawkins Cemetery at New Salem.

  1. Althea Moore

    I was married to Walter Lloyd Moore . My Maiden name was Althea[spelled] COLLINGS.
    Walter Lloyd Moore died Jan 26, 1978 in Scappoose,Oregon. If you would like any other information let me know.

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