Archibald Davis Durham and Josephine Reeves Durham

Archibald Davis Durham was the son of Samuel Spain and Elizabeth Blansit Durham and the grandson of Benjamin D. Durham. Samuel and Elizabeth were married March 20, 1887. They moved from North Carolina to Dade County, Georgia, and then to Dekalb County, Alabama. They were farmers. Archibald was better known as Arch. He was born May 27, 1890. He married Josephine Reeves on July 4, 1915. Josie was born January 15, 1895.

They were residents of Dade County for many years. Arch and his family were sharecroppers in the early 1900s. They lived in the Cloverdale community on the old Riordan farm as it was called back then. It’s near the old Nisbet place. They moved to Sulphur Springs, Alabama and later to Sand Mountain where they farmed for many years. Arch retired in 1952 and he enjoyed visiting his children and grandchildren. His hobby was fox hunting. Josie was a housewife and she worked in the fields and gardens along side Arch to raise their family. They had five children, four boys and one girl. Those children are Roland L. Durham, born January 12, 1919; Charles S. Durham, born December 24, 1922; William H. Durham, born July 4, 1925; Clarence E. Durham, born May 28, 1934; and Gladys G. Durham, born June 28, 1936.

Submitted by: Edna Durham

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