Sabrina Dykes

Thomas J. Hartline, Jr. was born on the twenty – second of April. His fathers name was Thomas J. Hartline. The J. stands for Jefferson making it Thomas Jefferson Hartline. His mothers name was Rhoda McBryar, she was born in Alabama. Thomas J. Hartline, Jr. married a woman by the name of Frances Reeves. She was born the second of April in Jackson, Alabama.

Her parent’s names were Robert Lee Reeves and Arizona Reeves. Arizona was a Reeves and she married a Reeves. During the marriage of Thomas J. Hartline, Jr. and Frances Reeves they had five kids, two boys and three girls. One of there daughters names was Lillie Pearl Hartline. She was born, May 29, 1913 in Trenton, Georgia. When she was six her father died. He died in November. On February the fourth in Cloudland, Georgia, Frances Reeves died.

When Lillie Hartline was around fourteen she married Jake Hicks. With Jake she had one child. Later she divorced him. She then married a guy by the name of James Bobby Davis. If all the children she had with him had lived she would have had three kids. But she had one and later miscarried with twins. She eventually divorced him because he was a drinker and wanted to fight constantly. Then she married Grady Dykes.

Grady Dykes was born December 9, 1906 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Grady Dykes’ fathers name was John Riley Dykes. Riley Dykes, as they called him, was a coal miner in Trenton, Georgia. He married Millie Stevens, who was born in Trenton, Georgia. Both Grady’s parents died in Trenton. Grady Dykes was a saw miller on Sand and Lookout Mountain and in the Head River area from the time he was a young teenager until! 1958. But by 1954 Lillie had had seven kids by him plus the two from previous marriages. In 1958 Grady, Lillie and all nine kids moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. When Grady moved there he became a grinder at Tennessee Stove Works. Lillie had nine kids in order of birth they were: J. C. Hicks, Bobby Davis, Winford Dykes, Buddy Dykes, Joyce Dykes, Louis Dykes, Billy Dykes, Jo Anne, and Jimmy Dykes. But, unfortunately, Jo Anne died at birth. She died because the doctors had given Lillie an over dose of either. On April 30, 1977, Grady Dykes died of cancer in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Jimmy Dykes, Lillie and Grady’s last born son, was born on September 9, 1954 in Summerville, Georgia. On October 15, 1979 he married Elizabeth K. James, from California. She was born July 10, 1960 in Lamesa, Texas. Her fathers name is C. W. James. Her mothers name is Nancy Beasley that was born on November 29, 1936. Elizabeth’s grandparents on her mother’s side are Seaburn Beasley and Viola Truitt. Seaburn Beasley was born on October 24, 1907 in Mississippi. He married Viola on November 15, 1935. Viola was born on December 19, 1919 in Eufaula, Ohio. On December 25, 1986 in Bakersville, California, Seaburn Beasley died. On April 11, 1980, Elizabeth had a baby. It was I, Sabrina Dykes, born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. On February 11, 1983 they had another child, Christopher Dykes.

Written by Sabrina Dykes

References:    Jimmy Dykes Elizabeth Dykes Viola Truitt          Lillie Dykes

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