Elizabeth Ellen “Betsy” Basden was born on 7 Apr 1847 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. She died in Custer, Custer Co., SD on 2 Aug 1926 at the age of 79 and was buried in Custer Cemetery in Custer Co.

Elizabeth Basden Kidwell was alive on 4 Dec 1913 proven by a letter written to her sister, Sarah Catherine Basden Rodolph, who was living in Temple, Cotton Co., OK at that time. In this letter she states that she has been to Custer [Custer Co.] S.D. to visit Nellie, daughter of A. Alphonso and Elizabeth Basden Kidwell. She was living with their son, Joseph, at that time in Douglas [Converse Co.] WY. [a copy of this letter is in my files] Exact birth, death, and marriage dates were furnished by a descendant of Joseph and Elizabeth Basden Kidwell, Kristin Glockoff.

On 29 Nov 1863 when Elizabeth Ellen “Betsy” was 16, she married A. Alphonso Kidwell, in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN.. He was born on 27 May 1845 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., IN. A. Alphonso died in Mayersville, Issaquena Co., MS on 15 Aug 1873. He was 30.

Later information on the family of A. Alphonso and Elizabeth Ellen Basden Kidwell is from the great-granddaughter of Alphonso and Elizabeth Basden Kidwell: Kristin (Mrs. Gary) Glockhoff, 3415 Sycamore Ct., Cedar Rapids, IA 52402. She is the granddaughter of Joseph and Sarah “Sadie” Kidwell and the daughter of John Lawrence and Evelyn Helgeson Kidwell. She has very kindly filled in the blanks that I was unable to find on the GA, WY and S.D. censuses. I am grateful for her input.

Alphonso and Betsey had the following children:

(i) Australia, born on 10 Apr 1866 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN; md. Peter, in Wabash, Wabash Co., IN.

(ii) Annie M., born on 1 Jun 1868 in Ashland, Clay Co., AL. Annie died in Selma, Dallas Co., AL on 24 Dec 1870; she was 2.

(iii) Lula, born on 29 Nov 1871 in Shelby Springs, Shelby Co., AL. Lula died on 4 Aug 1872 in Mayersville, Issaquena Co. MS.

iv. Joseph Labertine (twin) 1873-1967).

 v. Nellie “Nella” (twin) (1873-1966).

(Submitted by Jo Treece Basden, Norman, OK 73069, Documentation for article can be found in the family files of the Dade County Library, Trenton, GA)

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