My Family History

My name is Rebecca Jean Ellison. I was born September 22, 1980 to Charles Randall Ellison and Melissa Jean Battles Ellison, married August 12, 1978. I have little sister named Sarah Elizabeth Ellison born February 18, 1983. My mother’s father’s mother is still living. I have talked with her before, so I decided to write about her.

My great-grandmother’s name is Lottie Lee Partlow and she was born May 23, 1908 in St. Claire, Alabama. She is the daughter of Alfred Alien Partlow and Maggie Hallmark Partlow. They were married in 1906. Alfred Partlow was born in 1884 and he died in 1960. Maggie Hallmark was born in 1890 and she died in 1958.

On December 20, 1923, Lottie Lee Partlow was married to Bernie B Battles. His middle name was just the letter B with no period. Their first child, Leslie Stanford, was born December 1, 1924. He served in the Navy for 28 months during World War Two. Stanford married a woman named June Glaze in 1947. They had three children, Craig, Pam, and Ken. Stanford died of brain cancer on my great-grandmother’s birthday in the year 1990. Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Battles’ second child, a girl born prematurely, was born and then died on the same day, December 12, 1926. Their third child is Donald Max, also known as Uncle Don. He was born on January 22, 1931 and is now living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He married in 1954 to Jet Cob and had three daughters, Donna, Stephanie, and Holly. After Uncle Don and Aunt Jet divorced, he remarried to a woman named Paula Henley in the year 1970. The baby of the family is my mother’s father Bernie Ray Battles. He was born March 5, 1936. He married Barbara Jean Kelley February 20, 1953 and they are now living in Tiftonia, Tennessee. My mother’s little brother was born April 22, 1964 and was given the name Daniel Ray. In the year 1983, my Uncle Danny married Melissa Pauly. They have one child, Benjamin Walker Battles, born April 1, 1994.

In the year of 1957, Lottie and Bernie Battles opened a gas station and small grocery store called Battles’ Grocery. It stayed open for 21 years and after that, Lottie Battles started renting it out and it was finally sold.

My great-grandfather, Bernie B Battles, died of cancer on June 1, 1961. My great-grandmother remarried to a man named Raymond Doyle on June 3, 1969. He died 10 years later.

My great-grandmother, Lottie Lee Partlow Battles Doyle, is 88 years old and is doing fairly well for her age and has had a very prosperous life compared to others’. I know that she won’t be around much longer and I also know that I will miss her when she’s gone.

Written by Rebecca Ellison Trenton, GA 30752

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