Emily Holmes was born February 19, 1861 to James Calvin Holmes and Emily Carolyn Tanner. She married John Bell Lea who was born October 7, 1860. He was the son of Robert Franklin Lea and Matilda Ann McCollum. They raised their family in the Wildwood and St. Elmo area of Chattanooga. For a time John Bell was the postman for the North end of the county.


Mary Ada, their oldest child, was born June 12, 1882. She trained as a teacher at Pryor Institute and taught school in Hamilton County and was principal for a number of years.

She died September 4, 1954 and is buried at Forest Hills Cemetery.


Annie married Robert Porter (see Annie Lea and Robert Porter).


Beulah Bell married Herbert Porter, a brother to Robert (see Beulah and Herb Porter).


Leafa married Luther Sliger. He ran a dairy in Red Bank. After delivering his milk every morning, he would then work for the U.S. Postal Service. They had three daughters Anna Lea, Ruth and Elizabeth.


Robert Luke was born December 24, 1890. His wife was Nettie. He died January 8, 1913. He is buried at Sarah’s Chapel.


Ethel Elsie was born December 3, 1891 and died September 10, 1926. They had a set of twins – a boy and girl who died at birth.


Their ninth child was Thomas Edward Watson Lea. He was born July 23, 1893. After he finished school he taught at Wildwood. He and his wife, Grace Cook ran Lea’s Flowers in St. Elmo for many years. They had three children; J.B., Annie Beth, and Charlotte. He died October 12, 1967 and is buried at Forest Hills Cemetery.


Their youngest child was Austin Leroy born December 12, 1895. He married Laura Eunice (Lora) Carroll who was born August 11, 1896. He ran a car repair garage. They had two daughters Ada Mae and Inez, who married J. C. Henson. Lora died January 14, 1967 and Roy died July 17, 1968. They are buried at Forest Hills Cemetery.


Emily Elizabeth died August 12, 1947. John Bell died February 17, 1918. They are buried at Sarah’s Chapel. (Submitted by Janie Mahan, P.O. Box 56, Wildwood, Ga. 30747)




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