John Fugate born 22 May 1764 bp Shenandoah County, VA. At an early age he moved with his parents to Montgomery County, VA. There he grew to manhood and entered the service for his country during the American Revolution. He served in Gen. Green’s army, fought at Catawba and the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and against the hostile Shawnee Indians. His unit was* detailed to help guard British prisoners after the Battle of King’s Mountain.

After the war, on Nov. 8, 1785, he married Elinor Morgan, daughter of Ezekiel Morgan. They moved to Cocke County, TN and established a home in the mountains. A community still bears his name.

They probably had several children. The only known ones are:

1. Evan Fugate

2. Ezekiel Fugate

3. John Fugate

4. Noah Fugate b. 1804 m. 1st – Susannah Goble; 2nd – Susan E.?

John Fugate died ca 1837 on land now owned by Mrs. Frank Burnett, near Rock Creek in Cocke County, TN. His grave was hidden so that wandering Indians could not find and destroy it. The William Cocke Chapter DAR dedicated a handsome, white marble memorial marker to this Revolutionary Veteran at Jonestown Cemetery off Highway 107, near Del Rio, TN in Oct. 1986.

Noah Fugate, born 1804 bp. Cocke County, TN., son of John and Elinor Morgan Fugate. Noah married 5 Jan. 1833 in Greene County, TN to Susannah Goble 1805, probably daughter of Benjamin Hirman Goble, since he signed their marriage bond.

Shortly after 1845, Noah Fugate moved his family to Lookout Mountain, GA., to the area near the Walker and Dade county line. He opened the first coal mine on Lookout Mountain at Fugate Gulch in 1858. It became known as Mine # 1. He resided in Mack Cove, Eagle Cliff and Pricks Gap districts of Walker County, GA. Last record found to date Noah was managing a farm in Lookout Valley.

Susannah Goble Fugate died before the 1850 census. Their known children:

1. Susannah Fugate

2. William Martin Fugate b. 26 June 1833 married Disi Ann Elizabeth Weathers.

3. Mary Fugate 1834

4. Rachel Fugate 1839

5. Elias Fugate 1842

6. Barnable Fugate 1843

7. Nancy Fugate b.1845 d.1860, with a cold in Walker County, GA.

Noah Fugate married 2nd – Susan E. ———, born 1833 bp. KY. Children by 2nd wife:

8. John Fugate 1858

9. James Fugate 1866

10. Eleanor Fugate 1869

11. Joseph Fugate 1870

12. Henry Fugate 1877.

William Martin Fugate b. 26 June 1833 bp Cocke County, TN son of Noah and Susannah Goble Fugate. William died 9 Oct. 1912, age 79, buried at Fugate Cemetery, Cherokee County, ALA.

Married ca 1860, probably in Chattooga County, GA to Disi Ann Elizabeth Weathers born 14 April 1843 bp. Barnesville, Pike County, GA., daughter of James Oliver Perry Weathers and Zillie Ann Jones or Hickman. Disi died 3 April 1911 pd. Chesterfield, Cherokee County, ALA., buried at Fugate Cemetery.

This family resided atop Lookout Mountain in DeKalb & Cherokee counties of ALA., on land that is now a part of the fenced area of Little River Wildlife Management Area, near Mentone. One and one-half acres of this homestead was deeded for the Fugate Cemetery, formally known as Lizard Lope Cemetery. A Church by this name was located there before 1900.

William Fugate was a farmer, Esquire or Justice of Peace, logger and also made whiskey for the government.

Their children were:

1. James L. Fugate b. 10 Sept. 1861, married Alice Potts.

2. John Thomas Fugate b. 10 June 1863 d. 5 June 1895, age 32. He was killed by a falling tree on Lookout Mountain, carried down Crow’s Trail on a slab, to his home at Chesterfield, ALA. He is buried at Little River Cemetery, Mentone, ALA He married 19 Sept. 1886 to Sarah ‘Sallie Alice Crow b. 21 March 1865 d. 30 Aug. 1941 pd. Conway, ARK. She was daughter of Issac A. Crow and Mary Jane Cox. This widow and all her children, except Bessie moved to ARK.

Their children:

(1) William Burton Fugate b. 1883

(2) Jessie Roland Fugate b. 1884

(3) Bessie Fugate b. 1884 d. 1975 pd. Mentone, ALA Married Judd Cavin.

(4) Joe Erskin Fugate b. 1886

(5) John Erwin Fugate b. 1892

(6) Ella Mae Fugate b. 1891

(7) Robert ‘Bob’ Orlando Fugate b. 1895

3. Seaborn R. Fugate b. 1866, resided in Gadsden, Etowah County, ALA married 1st – Georgia Ledford. Their children: Grady, Hoyte, Paul & Thomas Fugate.

4. William Elias ‘Larce’ Fugate b. 8 March 1869 d. 12 April 1908 buried Fugate Cemetery married Mary Henderson. Their children:

(1) Pearlie Fugate

(2) Elvie Fugate

(3) Oskes b. 1896 d. 6 Jan. 1976

(4) Willie Fugate b. 1905 d. 16 Oct. 1977.

5. Zilla Ann ‘Sis’ Fugate b. 3 June 1872 d. 1952 Married Augustus ‘Gus’ Ellison. They are both buried at Shaw Cemetery, Walker County, GA. Their children:

(1) Amanda Elizabeth Ellison b. 22 July 1894 married 1st – Sam Ridley 2nd – John Goodwin.

(2) Winnie Ellison b. 1895

(3) Augustus Ellison b. 5 June 1897

(4) Parks Ellison b. 10 June 1900

(5) Howell Ellison b. 15 May 1908

(6) Harlee Ellison b. 29 March 1912

6. Kitty Lou Fugate b. 10 June 1873 d. 1 March 1962 pd. Gadsden, Etowah County, ALA. Buried at Summerville Cemetery, Chattooga County, GA married in Chattooga County, GA. To Jesse Roland Kinsey b. 5 Dec. 1853 bp. Walker County, GA D. 17 Feb. 1933 buried at Berryton Cemetery, Chattooga County son of William Kinsey and Sarah Rebecca Price. Their children:

(1) Lizzie Velma Kinsey b. 19 March 1893 d. 4 Aug. 1961, married Hines Warren.

(2) Rosa Roberta Kinsey b. 9 Oct. 1895 d. 18 Aug. 1977, married Authur Lee Warren.

(3) Maggie Jane Kinsey b. 1 Feb. 1898, married Wiley Parker.

(4) Annie Alice Kinsey b. 4 Jan. 1900 d. 8 Sept. 1985, married A. C. Stewart.

(5) Sallie Kinsey b. & d. 30 June 1902.

(6) Pearle Mae Kinsey b. 13 Aug. 1903 d. 11 July 1966, married Fletcher Parker.

(7) Grady Homer Kinsey b. 10 March 1906 d. 11 June 1960, never married.

(8) William Gordon Kinsey b. 29 Sept. 1908, married Jessie Peppers.

(9) unnamed baby, still born 8 Jan. 1912.

(10) Jessie Ruth Kinsey b. 17 March 1913 d. 17 July 1994, married Obin Lee Smiley.

(11) Mildred Virginia Kinsey b. 3 June 1916, married Clifford Lee Woodall.

7. Texas M. Fugate b. 1 Nov. 1876 d. 31 Jan. 1896, buried Little River Cemetery, married John Potts.

8. Lafayette ‘Fate’ Fugate b. 3 Sept. 1879 d. 29 Aug. 1939, age 78, buried Glenwood Cemetery; Ft. Payne, ALA married Lona Magnusum. One known child; Minnie married Bill Barnett.

9. Disi J. Fugate b. 8 Aug. 1882, buried Fugate Cemetery, married James Henry King.

10. Marshall Columbus ‘Barney’ Fugate b. 3 Nov. 1875 d. 9 March 1936 married Lula Cobb.

11. Jane ‘Bonnie’ Fugate, died young, buried at Fugate Cemetery.

Written by M Elsie Smiley Sullivan

  1. Jonna Parish

    John Fugate was my 4th great grandfather. I would like to share information with any of his descendants.

    I would really like to know the identity of the man, woman and child in the photo at the DAR memorial marker to John Fugate. The photo is in the Smokey Mountain Hisorical Society Newsletter, Winter 1986.


  2. Judy Crow Dorman

    Wanting more information on Sarah “Sallie” Alice Crow’s relatives, ie brothers and sisters. I believe that Isaac A. Crow is my great-great grandfather.

    Please reply.

  3. John Fugatt

    Hi Judy there is alot of info on the Crow family Sarah was my Great Great grandmother. I believe she had at least 22 brothers and sisters as Isaac married three times. i would love to share info hit me up sometime

  4. John Fugatt

    I would also like to post that John Fugate spelled his name Fugat, and his son Noah was the first one to spell it Fugatt as we all spell it today. The name is said to be of French origin, originally spelled Fouquet which in french means fern

  5. Judy Stalcup Aerdts

    I would like to visit with Jonna Parish regarding John Fugate. I have just started the research on this line of my family but I had an aunt that had already reserached and found that he was in our family line. I am trying to make contacts for this side of the family. I have meet relatives on the other lines of my geneology and sharing informtion has gotten me so much more information including photos and stories that make the research more personal. I hope this email finds you and we can visit. Thank you.

  6. Judy Aerdts, my e-mail is:

    Please contact me.

  7. My name is Robert Jason (11) Fugate, Son of Jason Fugate son of Gabriel Fugate, son of Martin Fugate son of levi Fugate, son of william Fugate, son of Martin Fugate son of Josias Fugate.

    I am really interested in the comment on the French orgin and the name Fouquet. My GG granfather always said the Fugate’s were of French origin and that one of the early fugate’s went back to France to fight a duel to defend the name. I ahve researched and do know that Fouquet was the Chancellar of finance under louie IX. Who had him put into jail on an island just outside of France. I believe that the early Fugate’s were his children that were sent here to avoid the kings anger. That would be Peter and James one arrived here at 9 years old and the other at 12. Peter and James would up owning land near each other on what is now the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Their farms were located on the Bush river about 10 miles apart.

  8. Is the John Fugate B 22 May 1764 possible the son of James Fugate and a Brother to Josias Fugate. How does he differ from castlewood John Fugate

  9. Karen Leigh

    Elias Fugate was born around 1837. On July 8, 1861, he enlisted in Co. G, 26th TN Regiment at Knoxville, TN. On May 31, 1862, he transferred to the Lookout Light Artillery, an artillery battery being formed in Chattanooga by Richard L. Watkins, Robert L. Barry, and James Lauderdale. This unit became known as Capt. Barry’s Artillery Battery. Although the battery has been identified as a Tennessee organization, it contained about equal numbers of men from TN, NE Alabama, and NW Georgia. Elias Fugate served faithfully until the unit was paroled on May 11, 1865, at Meridian, Mississippi. Elias Fugate is listed in the 1870 Census at Walker County, Georgia, along with his family. Elias was a 29-year-old farm laborer; his wife was Sara C. Fugate, age 30; two daughters were Emily E., age 3, and Mary E., age 1. A military headstone was placed at the Crossville Cemetery at the Crossville Methodist Church in DeKalb County, Alabama. It reads: “Pvt. Elias Fugate – Barry’s Company TN Arty – b.1837 d. 1882, buried Mayflower Ark”. His widow applied for a Confederate pension in DeKalb County, AL.

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