Gray, William H. & Sarah Stevens

John C. Gray (1825-1894) came from Ireland during or after the “Potato Famine”. John married a lady by the name of Nancy (I do not know her maiden name), They had a son William H. Gray (1850-1931). John and Nancy are both buried in Hawkins Cemetery in New Salem.

William married Sarah Stevens. They were the parents of six children; Mary married Cicero Massey, Walter married Eunice Moore, Clark married Brittie Price, Fannie married Walter Moore, Charlie married Lula Davis and another brother Howard died when he was young.

William also served as Justice of the Peace in Dade County.

Norma Jean Gilley Higdon, Ala, 35979

  1. Immadean Lacy Gray

    I have a correction. Nancy Gray Hawkins is buried at Hawkins cemetery but Francis went back to Dekalb Co AL after Nancy died Maggie Gray knew him and said he was called Frank

  2. verenicehawkins

    The person that gave you the information about Frank Hawkins was wrong. After Nancy died he married a Hollingsworth and had 2 sons and 1 daughter. He moved to the East side of the mountain and his son Mike still lives there. Frank is buried in the Hawkins Cemetery but does not have a marker. Frank’s grandson also named Frank lives here at Rising Fawn. I talked to him last night to make sure about the information. My grandson married Frank Hawkins’ great great granddaughter. I grew up in DeKalb Co Al next door to Frank Hawkins’ brother and married the grandson of another brother.

  3. helen

    i am looking for info on galliten stephens i think he may have been brother to my great great grandfather enoch stephens who married susannah brown but cant prove it. do you have infor? my email is

  4. Immadean Lacy Gray

    Thank you for correcting the information I received. I am sure you are correct

  5. Immadean Lacy Gray

    Thank you for correcting my information about Frank Hawkins.
    I am sure you are correct

  6. Immadean Lacy Gray

    I have found no record of William having a son named Howard. I think he would be buried in Hawkins cemetery and I haven’t found a grave marker I have asked some of the Grays and none ever mentioned him. He is on none of the census that i can find I would be interested in other information.
    I don’t know if you are related to Grays or Bradfords but I have the original copy of the deed to the land that John left to William, John and the girls. Also copy of a deed for land that James Bradford bought. There are about 7 of the deeds I would be happy to share copies Immadean l Gray

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