The family of John and Lucinda Prince Gross came to Dade County, GA in about 1845. Several other Gross and Prince families came with them from Warren Co. TN where they had lived in the vicinity of Beersheba Springs. John Gross (Jr.) was the son of John T. Gross and Sarah Killian who are buried at the Philadelphia Church Cemetery in Grundy (formerly Warren) Co. TN. John T. Gross Sr. (b.15 Apr 1780 Lincoln Co. NC d.25 Jun 1874) was the son of Henry (b. 1746 d. 8 June 1821 Catawba Co. NC) and Elizabeth (b. 1753 d. 14 Apr 1828) Gross of Lincoln Co. NC. Henry Gross was the son of George and Mary Gross. George Gross was born in 1702 in Strasbourg, Germany. He emigrated to America with his brother Christian on the ship Charming Nancy 8 Oct 1737. The Gross family is said to be descended from a long line of Huguenots who fled from France to Germany about 1640 to escape religious persecution. Sarah Killian Gross (b.10 May 1790 d.9 Oct 1868) was the daughter of Samuel Killian (son of Andreas) and Barbara Hager also of Lincoln Co. NC.

At least two children of John T. and Sarah Killian Gross came to Dade County. They are:

1. John T. Jr. b. @ 1813 NC married @1838 Lucinda Prince b.@ 1814 SCd.1860-64 daughter of John and Ellender Prince (see Prince Family). Children:

1a. Green B. b. @ 1839 Warren Co. TN (went to Texas)

1b. Martha A. b. 1 Jun 1842 Warren Co. TN d. 6 Oct 1884 married Matthew Persley 2 Dec 1866

1c. Sarah b.@1845 Warren Co. TN

1d. Samuel Henderson b. 8 Mar 1846 Dade Co. GA, d. 31 Oct 1937 Texas Confederate Veterans Home, Austin, Texas married 1865-66 Julia Pamela Waddle b. 15 Apr. 1845 Dade Co. GA, d. 1 Feb. 1926 Van Zandt Co. TX (See Waddle Family)

1e. John F. b. @1848 Dade Co. GA (went to Texas)

1f. Wesley b. Mar 1850 Dade Co. GA married © June 1870 Ellen b. @ 1852 GA John T. Gross Jr. married 2nd @ 1864 Lucretta b.@1840 TN d.@ 1874-79 had children:

1g. Mary E. b. @ 1865 GA d.1899 married 6 Nov 1895 G. W. McHone b. Jan 1867 TN

1h. George W. b. @ 1869 GA

1i. Nancy Ann b. @ 1873 GA

John T. Gross Jr. lived for many years in Dade Co. dying sometime after 1900, as he is listed in the household of his widowed son in law G. W. McHone in the 1900 census. He must have been very feeble at that time as no correct information is recorded but his name. In 1890, along with William Waddle (brother of Julia P.), John gave land for the building of a school and church “in consideration of the love he had for the cause of education and the Religion of the Bible”.

2. Barbara b.@1810 NC d. 1858-60 married @ 1834 Young Stokes b. @ 1811 GA children:

2a. Lawson Henry b. @ 1835 Ala. (named for uncle Lawson H. Gross of Warren (later Grundy) Co. TN

2b. William Brantley b. @ 1836 Ala. married Mary Catherine Wheeler b. @ 1839 Ala.

2c. Greenberry Jefferson b. Feb 1839 TN married Virginia Ann Dykes

2d Anna Catherine b. @ 1843 married @ 1863 Eli Smith

2e. Martha Ann Barbara b. 15 Dec 1845 GA married @ 1865 James Smith Lockhart Walker

2f. Levi A. b. @ 1848 GA married @1870 Mattie Gilstrap

2g. Noah b. @ 1850 GA married @ 1870 Mary Ellen Brown

2h. Thomas b. @ 1856 GA

2i. Josephus b. @ 1858 GA

Young Stokes remarried 1860-61 and had 2 more sons and 2 daughters with this unknown 2nd wife who died 1868-69.

The children of John and Sarah Killian Gross who remained in Warren (Grundy) Co. TN are:

3. Lawson Henry b.25 Dec 1817 NC d. 5 Sep 1894 married 30 Dec 1840 Hannah Tucker Walker b.15 Mar 1825 d.1885

4. Asa b. 25 Jul 1821 TN d.30 Oct 1885 married 23 Jul 1850 Sarah Louisa Bost

5. Andrew b.@1820 TN married Eveline Tate b. @1823

6. Anna b.@ 1826 married Zedikiah Walker

7. William b.2 Dec 1815 d.19 Feb 1877 married 19 Feb 1835 Winnie Brooks b. @1819

8. Jonas b.1834 d. May 1863 Chancellorsville, VA married 13 Apr 1854 Rachel Moffit

John T. Gross Jr.’s son Samuel Henderson Gross enlisted in Co. D, 6th Ala Infantry, C.S.A. on 4 March 1862. He was captured at Gettysburg 2 July 1863 and imprisoned at Point Lookout, MD until his parole on 18 Feb 1865. Upon returning home he married Julia Pamela Waddle daughter of Noel and Mary Waddle of Dade Co. About 1867 Sam, Julia and two of his brothers went to Texas. The 1870 census of Van Zandt Co. Texas shows them all living in the same house. The household included Green B., John F., and Samuel Henderson with his wife Julia Pamela Waddle Gross, and their first two children Mary and Lizzie. The children of Sam H. and Julia Gross are:

I. Mary L. b. @1867 GA married Tom Brown

II. Elizabeth S. C. (Lizzie) b.@ 1868 TX married Paul Lovern

III. Sam W. b. 3 Jan 1875 TX d. 12 Nov 1911 in a railroad accident.

IV. William T. b. Nov 1872 TX d. 1943 Van Zandt Co. TX

V. George W. b. June 1879 TX d. 25 Jul 1963

VI. John C. b. @ 1876 TX d. young

VII. Ellen b. TX d. young

VIII. Elmay Estelle b. 17 Feb 1881 Hamilton Co. TX d. 30 Jul 1973 married 17 Feb

1898 Thomas Calvin Andrew McDonald

After 1870 Sam took his young family to Hamilton Co. TX for several years that saw the family grow to include six more children. The family returned to Van Zandt Co. and in 1894 settled in the Small Community in the northwest portion of the county. There they lived in a log cabin until Julia’s death. The cabin continued to be occupied by their unmarried sons William and George for many years. Memories of Julia indicate that she was often to be seen smoking a corncob pipe. Sam is remembered by his great grand children as a very religious man who was often to be seen reading his Bible. One recounts how he had set up an altar in the woods behind the house where he would go to kneel in prayer. Julia died in 1926 and Sam moved nearby to live with daughter Elmay and her husband T.C.A. McDonald. Finally, unable to care for himself, Sam went to live in the Texas Confederate Veterans Home in Austin and died there in 1937. Sam and Julia are buried in the cemetery at Pleasant Union Church in the Small Community.



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