Heather Bradford

My last name is “Bradford”, but “Bradford” is only a small portion of who I am. Through my research, I learned that I am made up of many different people who came from many different places.

I traced my ancestry all the way back to the 1600’s. This was when Richard Bradford Sr. was born. He immigrated to Virginia in 1653 and was a servant to Roger Walter of Northumberland County. He also belonged to the Cavalier party in England Richard’s son was John Bradford who was one of the first people to take up land in Fauquier County, Virginia (the Prince William) before 1729. He lived next to William McBee and Captain John Williams on Marr’s Run. John Bradford was married to Mary Marr.

John and Mary’s son was Joseph Bennet Bradford (1738 – 1828) He was a blacksmith by trade Also, he served as an orderly in a North Carolina unit during the Revolutionary War. For services rendered at the Battle of Guilford Court House, General Sumpter presented him with a mahogany clothes brush inscribed as follows: “Presented to Joseph Bennet Bradford from General Sumpter 1781.” Joseph was described as being colorful and lived a long life He married Margaret Wilson.

Joseph and Margaret had a son named John Bradford who married Ann Goodwin John Bradford was also a blacksmith, like his father.

John and Ann’s son’s name was James Bradford who married Sarah Jane Davis (1837 -1911). James was also a blacksmith. He eventually moved to Dade County where he had a 100 acre tract on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

James and Sarah’s son was William Jackson Bradford He was a farmer who resided in the Lookout Mountain area in Dade County, Georgia. Jackson enlisted and entered the Civil War in 1861 and fought in the Lookout Mountain Dragoons of the 34th Georgia Infantry Company “F”. He was captured at Vicksburg, but because he wouldn’t sign the Oath of Allegiance, he was put into prison. He finally signed the Oath on March 30, 1865 William Jackson Bradford’s wife is Nancy Jane Warren (1836 – 1932). Her parents were Lott Worth Warren (1805 -1882) and Sarah Warren. Her father’s (Lott Worth Warren) parents were Notley Reuben Warren, who was born in England and Haney.

William Jackson Bradford and Nancy Jane Warren had a son named James Martin Bradford He was married to Mary Elizabeth Cox, and they had a son named Harvey Lenard Bradford He was born in Rising Fawn, Georgia in 1895 and died in Trenton, GA in 1973. He was married to Hester Alice Amos (1895 -1961) who was also born in Rising Fawn, GA.

Hester Alice Amos’ father was William Cicero Amos (1869-1956). He was married to Mary Lou Black (1863 -1929), whose parents were Burket Black and Martha J. Beckham.

William Cicero Amos’ parents were Islbert Dorom Amos (1839 -1896) and Sarah E Guinn. Sarah’s parents were Covington Conova Guinn and Eliza Ann Cobb, and Elbert’s parents were John F. Amos and Eveline McKaig. John F. Amos’ parents were John Amos and Sarah, and Eveline McKaig’s parents were Francis McKaig. born in Guilford County, NC, and Elizabeth Sullenger.

Harvey Lenard Bradford and Hester Alice Amos had a son named Billy Joe Bradford, He had a son named Danny Joe Bradford, who is my father. Billy Joe Bradford’s wife is Helen Ruth Shankles. Her parents were

Charlie Columbus Shankles (l903 – 1963), who was a pastor, and Milled Helen Chasteen (l908 -198l). Charlie

Shankles’ parents were John Shankles (1867 -1923) and Mollie Gilliam (1876 -1963). John Shankles’ parents were William T. Shankles (1837- 1899) and Plina Ann Cunningham (1840 – 1909). Again, this comes back to Helen Ruth Shankles who married Billy Joe Bradford, and had a son named Danny Joe Bradford who is my father.

It seems to me that everyone on this earth is connected in some way if you go back far enough.

Written by Heather Bradford

  1. Neelie Bradford

    Wow thanks so much for this article, it helped me fill in a huge section of my family tree. You and I are related through William Jackson Bradford & Nancy Jane Warren, except instead of how your line goes through their son James Martin mine goes through their son Marshall Glazier. Please email me if you’re interested in comparing records, I only have a few but would love to.

    Thanks again.

  2. Brian Warren

    Lott Worth Warren would have been my grandfather x3, i think. They had a son named William, which is where I come from. Lott is buried on top of Lookout Mountain.

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