(The following narrative was written by my husband’s grandmother Maggie Highfield Wilson. She was born in 1894 and died in 1976. Notes in parentheses are mine. LHW)

My father was James Nelson Highfield. He was born in Deer Head Cove, Dekalb County, Alabama. His father was Jonathan (known as Tom) Highfield. His mother was Nancy Blevins; stepmother Mary Wilson Haney, and second stepmother, Amy Daniel. His brothers were John Highfield, who married Annie Day; Henry Highfield, who died at age 18, Addison Highfield, who married Gennie Keith; George Highfield, who married Ira Dickerson. He had a half-brother J.B. His sisters were Matilda Jane who married Andy Brown; Annie who married Dock O’Neal, Martha Elizabeth who married Lee O’Neal. Matilda was also known as “Sis” and Martha was known as “Mattie.” (Jonathan Highfield and his third wife are buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Trenton, GA. He died in 1910.)

My great-grandfather David Highfield, married Martha Austin. Her brother, Jonathan Austin was the father of Jim, Dan, Weaver, Andrew, Fayett, and John.

Uncle George Jenkins married an Alien, the first cousin of Grandpa Highfield.

(James) Wesley Blevins married the daughter of Sol Cross, and their children were Ella Alexander Wooden, Lula Cross, Betty and son Jim. Wesley was grandmother Highfield’s brother (Grandmother Highfield was Nancy Blevins. Their parents were Jonathan and Nancy Blevins and they are buried in the Byrd’s Chapel Cemetery.)

(Mrs. Wilson now talks about her mother’s family. Her mother was Mary Ann Wallace.) My mother’s grandfather Wallace married a Peacock (William Wallace, Sr. and Cynthia Peacock) and their children were William, Jr. Henry, Marion, Sidney and daughters Drusilla, Martha, Eliza, Sally and Cinthy.

William Wallace (Mrs. Wilson’s grandfather) married Elizabeth White and their children were Taylor, John, Elizabeth, William, Mary Ann, Manda, and Martha.

My great-grandfather White married a Keith (John White and Clara Keith, buried at Whitehall Cemetery in Dekalb Co.) and their children were Joseph, Benjamin, William, Taylor, John, Hanna, Matilda and Elizabeth. (Mrs. Wilson was a cousin of Kathleen White Thomas of Rising Fawn.)

James Nelson Highfield married Mary Ann Wallace in April 1882. Their children were Willie, Leila, Russ and Mamie (twins), Nellie, Cassie, Maggie and Raymond.

Mamie Highfield married Bob Dawkins and their children were Bessie, Gordon, Middleton, Thomas A., Johnnie, Mary Ruth, Ollie, Mildred, Corabelle, Bobby and Bud.

Nellie married M. O. Terrell and they had one son, William.

Cassie married Clark Dawkins and their children were Arnold, Harold and Lucille.

Maggie Highfield married Walter Wilson and their children were Mary Nell, Jimmie, Clara, Allie Jean, Spencer, Leslie, (girl and boy twins who died), Jack, Ruth and George.

(The other Highfield children died young. James Nelson and Mary Ann Highfield were living in Rising Fawn, near the Wilsons when they died. James N. Highfield was born November 26, 1860 and died October 15, 1935. Mary Ann Wallace Highfield was born January 13, 1866 and died January 26, 1944. They are buried in the Old Company Cemetery near Rising Fawn. See also the article on the Walter Wilson family).

Submitted by Linda Hawkins, Hawkins Lane Rising Fawn, GA 30738

  1. Andy Jones

    Hello, My name is Andy Jones. I am one of George and Arra Highfield’s great grandchildren. my brother, sister and I have been trying to research our geneaology, and I happened upon your site. George and Arra Highfield had , I believe, 4 children. Nettie, Lena, Ruby Lee, my Grandmother Vesta. Lena married Norris Brashear and lived in Hazard, KY. Ruby Lee married Lee Forster (second marriage – her first husband’s name escapes me at the moment) and lived here in Buffalo NY, My Grandmother married Ernest littleton Jones, and gave birth to my father Ernest Grover Jones. Nettie died before I was old enough to know much about her. Unfortunately, everyone right down to my Dad is dead now, so we are relying on kind of distant memories of stories to guide us along..

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