Not much is known about Hiram Smith’s family background. He came from NC to Walker Co., GA and married Mary Ann Forester, daughter of Thomas Calendar and Catherine Forester of Dade Co., GA He was in the Civil War, but there are several Hiram Smiths listed, so we are not sure which he is. Hiram and Mary Ann lived in Cedar Grove and had Laura Elizabeth born May 27, 1864, Mary born and died Dec. 9, 1871 and Pop Ann born June 2, 1873 and died Aug. 16, 1873. Mary Ann died June 10, 1873 probably with complications of childbirth. She is buried with the two babies at Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery in Walker CO, GA.

Hiram ran a store, was in the Masonic lodge and was on the board of the school there. After Mary’s death he married her

Rebecca Forester age 29

Rebecca Forester age 29

cousin, Rebecca, daughter of Havalow and Nancy Cartright Forester. They had Emmie (1876), Lester (1879) and Rogena (1881).

Rogena Smith age 19

Rogena Smith age 19

(Emmie may also have been called Jennie). Because of Rebecca’s health they moved to Phoenix, AZ about 1897. Rogena was married Oct. 8, 1902 in Phoenix to John Francis Dwyer. Maud Allison and Jennie Smith were bridesmaids. Jennie married Andrew Shamblin and had no children.

Hiram and Rebecca are buried in Phoenix, AZ in Greenwood Memory Lawn. Hiram was 82 when he died in April 1917. Rebecca was about 52 when she died Sept. 14, 1898. (Information from Steve Dwyer, Rogena’s great grandson.)


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