Milton Derryberry was born in Tennessee about 1828.  By 1850 he married a Miss Nancy?? born in South Carolina, September, 1828.  In October 1849 a daughter was born to Milton & Nancy, she was named Cassey, after her grandmother.

They lived on a farm and Milton was the Bade County Tax Collector in the early 1850’s.  Milton’s mother Cassey, who was born in South Carolina about 1800, was residing in his home.  Cassey had passed away prior to 1860, perhaps in the typhoid fever epidemic of 1852, where other family members had perished.

By 1860, Milton & Nancy had three children, Jane who was 10 years old, (she may have been Cassey Jane), Caroline, age 5 and Milton Filmore age 3 years.  At this point Milton was a merchant. On October 30, 1962, Milton Derryberry died, defending his beliefs.

He was a 1st Lieutenant of Company D, 39th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, CSA.

In 1870, Nancy Derryberry a widow was residing with two of her three children, Caroline, age 16 and Philmore age 13 on the family farm.

In the 1900 Dade County census, Nancy Derryberry, a widow, age 75 was residing in the household of her daughter & son-in-law, Benjamin Majors Nancy C Derryberry-Majors.

Written by Patricia Ann Brawner-Derryberry-Schiro      Bedias, TX 77831

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