betty-j-c-eric-diane-larrry-ayers J. C. AYERS FAMILYclaud-josie-patterson-hunt-son-carl-parents-and-brother-of-betty-hunt-ayers

Betty Jo Hunt, born December 14, 1929, daughter of Claud and Josie Patterson Hunt of Wildwood, GA., married James Clifford (J.C.) Ayers April 23, 1948, son of Hershel Ayers and Lucy Jesse Ayers. J. C. was born April 3, 1926 in Wheelright, KY and moved to Dade County in 1939 from Green Mountain, N.C. We have three children: Beverly Diane Ayes, Larry James Ayes, and Eric Matthew Ayers.

Diane was born January 25, 1949. She married Larry Norwood and had one son, Jason. They are divorced and Diane and Jason both live near Atlanta, GA. Larry was born February 25, 1954 and is currently living near Atlanta as well. Eric was born February 4, 1962 and currently living near Atlanta as well. Eric was born February 4, 1962 and currently lives in Wildwood, GA.

J. C. and I have lived on the same street for 45 years. First it was known as Dantzler Road when we built our first home and the road was not much more than a wagon trail. With County Commissioner Dan Hall’s assistance, we donated most of the right-of-way on both sides of the south end of Danstzler Road in order to get additional road improvements. It’s now known as Wawona Drive. On this same road we have built three homes and started an air conditioning business know as North Georgia Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. We also built the Wildwood Post Office in 1968 and added a convenience store and beauty shop in 1980. All of these buildings are located at the intersection between U. S. Highway 11, and Wawona Drive. We were also charter members of the North Dade Community Center and the North Dade Community Church.

In order to build the Community Center and the adjoining tennis courts. J. C. sold the property the $1000 and also donated a central heating and air conditioning system. The property where the North Dade Volunteer Fire Department and the community softball field are located was purchased from Minnie Lea or the Dantzler family by the Community. Many people made donations of all kinds, wheather it was financial or supplying the necessary labor to see the projects through. Chester Ault of Dave L. Brown Farms donated concrete for the floor. Tom Blevins and Jim Hixson donated labor for the electrical wiring and C. M. Smith contributed labor for the plumbing. Tommy Lowery, John Moore and other men, women, and children donated their time in building the Community Center.

J. C. also donated the land for the North Dade Community Church and also donated the central heating and air conditioning system. C. M. Smith, Bill Hidgon, Walt Gamble and Tommy Crowe and their families were also charter members of the church and made contributions. John Teague was the first pastor. He was also a carpenter and lent his expertise for the church’s construction. Several years later attendance declined and eventually the church and property were deeded back to J. C. A few years later, Buford Hartline, his pastor and others were breaking ground for a church in Slygo, GA and inquired about the North Dade Church. J. C. sold it for $10,800 and they had the building transported to its new home in Slygo where it is now known as the Slygo Baptist Church. After we sold our heating and air conditioning business in 1990, J. C. and I retired and have taken up hobbies to help enjoy the next phase of our lives. J. C. founded his Navy reunion, which he started in 1978 by advertising for ex-shipmates in over 1400 different newspapers. The annual reunions are held in different cities each fall with the first reunion being in Chattanooga, TN. He served as president of the U.S.S. Pittsburg Navy Reunion for over 10 years and was named honorary captain at the first reunion. J. C. also is an avid antique car collector and works to restore them in the garage of our house. We enjoy traveling and visiting with our friends whenever we can.

For more information on Claud and Josie Hunt of Wildwood, GA refer to article Claude and Josie Patterson Hunt.

My maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Diadama Carroll Patterson and maternal grandfather was Dock Patterson. My paternal grandmother was Luvenie Hunt and my paternal grandfather was Augusta Hunt. (Submitted by Betty Hunt Ayers, PO Box 74, Wild, GA 30757)

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