Jackson Carroll, born in Georgia 16 July 1816, was the son of Jesse Carroll who came to Dade County Georgia prior to 1840. Around 1840, Jackson married Nancy Stewart the daughter of James and Lucy Stewart. No documentation has been found to date linking James Stewart to the Stewarts who settled around Stewart Town, now in the Byrd’s Chapel area.

Prior to 1850 Jesse Carroll, born ca 1777, moved to neighboring Walker County. However, he either returned to Dade County or was visiting here (perhaps with his son, David) when he died in November of 1859. His burial site is unknown.

Jackson and Nancy moved to Walker County before 1860 where Jackson died. Due to the Walker County courthouse burning in 1883, very little is known of them while in that county. A few years after her husband’s death Nancy moved to Arkansas with her children. She and her sister, Elizabeth (married James H. Quinton, Dade Co), were named in their father’s estate.

The following was transcribed from an old Carroll Bible probably belonging to Nancy Stewart Carroll originally. The handwriting is Spenserian Cursive and is very difficult to read. The transcription was done by Faydene Carroll Hanna.

Jackson Carroll, July 16, 1816; Nancy Carroll, March 17,1821.

Their children: James Carroll, September 26,1840; Elizas J. Carroll, September 14, 1842; Milla A. Carroll, February 25, 1845; Symeon R. Carroll, April 25, 1847; Elizabeth M. Carroll, May 5, 184_; Lucy C. Carroll, October 25, 1851; William J. Carroll, June 25, 1854; Melvin L. Carroll, November 8, 1856; Martha A. Carroll, August 29, 1859; Mary E. Carroll, October 4,1861; Jackson L. Carroll, March 7,1864.

The “M” in Milla above is questioned and the date 1845 may have been 1843. There is a William Age 5, on the Dade County 1850 census that did not appear on the 1860 census. The Symeon may have been Symeour. The last digit of the date for Elizabeth is in the binding and could not be read. Written by William M. Dunn

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