James Robert Cox

James Robert Cox born 8-25-1866 died 5-25-1948 married Susan Jane Bradford born 10-1-1865 died 4-27-1944. They were married 9-18-1887. Susan Jane’s parents were William Jackson Bradford and Nancy Jane Warren Bradford. James Robert Cox’s parents were J. W. Cox and Sabrina Thompson Cox.

James Robert and Susan Jane were born in Dade County. They lived in the county several years before moving to Brown’s Station, Ala. James Robert was a carpenter. He built many homes in the Brown’s Station and Bessemer, Ala. area. When they moved from their homeplace on the car line he renovated the house making it into a Baptist church.

The Cox’s were very civic minded. They were parents of seven children: Charles Robert, Arthur Carl, Pearl, Anna LaPatra, Harvey Jackson, Etta B, and Nola Essie.

Robert and Susan died at Brown’s Station and are buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Bessemer, Ala.


Submitted by:

 Mrs. Anna Wallace

Sweetwater, TN  37874




  1. James Derrick Cox

    Just looking for relatives

    I think most of my relatives are from Alabama

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