James Valentine Moore was born 12-11-1861, and died 11-25-1947. He married Josephine (Josie) Hixson who was born 10-25-1883, and died 08-27-1967. Their children are: Bulah, Blanche, Verna, and William.  Bulah Moore was born 1900.  She married Milton Payne. Bulah and Milton’s children are Lois, and Tresa.  Lois  Payne married Sam Ray and Tresa Payne married _________ Slatton.  Milton Payne is deceased.  Bulah Payne is in a Rossville, GA Nursing Home.

Blanche Moore was born 04-05-1902. She married Avery Buford (Jack) Craig born 01-07-1892,  and later, Earl Morgan..  Blanche Moore and Avery Buford Craig’s children are Harold Craig born 04-01-1920, who married Anne Belle Bostrom born 03-31-1919 and Harry E. Craig who was born 04-02-1924.  Harry married Cleo Johnson born 03-26-1924, and died 10-02-1994. Avery Buford Craig married Nat Cole. They have a son Buford Lee Craig.

The children of Harold Craig and Anna Belle Bostrom are Marilyn and Jane.  Marilyn Ann Craig was born 05-11-1945.  She married James R. Moncus, Jr.  Jane Ellen Craig was born 05-05-1948.  She married Larry O. Holt.

The children of Marilyn and James Moncus, Jr. are James R. Moncus, III born 07-07-1976 and Benjamin Craig Moncus, born 10-17-1979.   The children of Jane and Larry Holt are M. Ashley Holt born 01-24-1975, (Adam Oneal Holt born 10-08-1977, and Whitney Anne Holt born 02-25-1979.

The children of Harry E. Craig and Cleo Johnson Craig are Charlotte Rose Craig  who married Jackie D. (Donnie) Stevens,  Charles Edwin Craig who married  Ann Goza , Mack Lamar Craig who married Janice Testerson, Jerry Wayne Craig who married Charlene Taylor , Sue Jackson, Nancy Sue Craig who married Jay Gamlin and Milford Lee Craig who married Tena.

Verna Moore was born 07-09-1905,.  Verna married J. L. Brock. Their children are Dorothy (Dot) Brock, who married Landis. They live in Birmingham, AL. and Betty Jean Brock who married Jack Mayer. They live in Greenville, SC.

William Harley Moore was born 03-04-1908, and died 10-28-1993.  William married Ethel Ellis born 08-24-1911 and died 03-12-1974 and  later Ruth Fulghum.

The child of William Harley Moore and Ethel Ellis Moore is James V. Moore who was born 06-02-1949.  He married Karen Gail Stone born 06-02-1953.

The children of James V. Moore and Karen Gail Moore are James V. (Jimbo) Moore, Jr. born 07-15-1978 and Kayla Whitney Moore born 01-15-1983.  William Harley Moore and Ethel Ellis Moore are buried in Paynes Chapel Cemetery next to his parents.

Ralph Moore was born in 1910.  Ralph married Gladys Hixson, born 04-03-____. Their children are Mary and Joan.  Mary Katherine Moore  married Tommy Suggart. Mary Katherine and Tommy Suggart had no children and are divorced. Mary Katherine lives in Chattanooga, TN. Joan Moore married Charles Campbell. Joan and Charles had no children and are divorced. They live in the Hinkle Community.

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