Jamie Lee Forester Dickerson Family

Beulah was the daughter of Emerson Blevins and Paralee Smith. She was born in Rising Fawn, GA on Nov. 17, 1878. She owned and operated a grocery store in New England, GA. for several years. She died Oct. 19, 1952 and is buried in Payne Cemetery in Trenton, Ga. She was married to Lee Forester, born Nov. 12, 1864. He died June 6, 1939 and is buried in Payne Cemetery. They had one daughter, Jamie Lee Forester Dickerson, born April 8, 1918.

Jamie Lee is the daughter of Lee Forester and Beulah Blevins. She was born April 8, 1918 in Trenton, Ga. She married John Ewell Dickerson son of John B. Dickerson and Fannie Killian. .Ewell was born Aug 22, 1912. Ewell died Nov 14, 1983 and is buried in Lake Hills Cemetery. Jamie Lee and Ewell had four children, Terry, Sheila, Randall and Willard.

Terry Dickerson was the son of Ewell and Jamie Lee Dickerson. Terry was born June 24, 1938 in Trenton. He was married to Linda Woolbright, daughter of Robert Woolbright and Edith McMahan. Terry and Linda had three children. Terri Lynn, born Feb 15, 1960, Montgomery “Monty” born Aug 22, 1963 and Robert born Sept 29, 1964. Terri Lynn was married to Steve West. They had three children, Jason born Feb 15, 1977, Vanassa Renea born June 9, 1981 and Kevin Anthony born Sept. 9, 1985. They all reside in Trenton, Ga.

Terry had two children by his second wife. They are Chuck Dickerson born March 17, 1973 and Marty Dickerson Born April 8, 1973. Monty is married to Jamie Lee Stockman. They have one son Gaige Montgomery born Mar 15, 1996

Shelia Dickerson Carroll was born July 20, 1941 in Trenton, GA. She was the second child of Ewell and Jamie Lee Dickerson. She married James Carroll. Jimmy and Shelia have two children, James Lyne born Sept 4, 1962 and Lisa born Nov 13, 1964. They reside in Trenton, GA.

Randall Dickerson was born March 29, 1943 in Trenton, Ga. He is the son of Ewell and Jamie Lee Dickerson. He is married to Sheryl Forshee born Jan. 11, 1947 Randall and Sheryl have one daughter Elizabeth born May 20, 1975. They all reside in Trenton, Ga.

Willard Dickerson was born Nov 23, 1944 in Trenton, GA. He is the son of Ewell and Jamie Lee Dickerson. He was married to Shirley Lee born Aug. 8, 1948. Shirley is the daughter of Harold Lee and Nettie Coates. Willard and Shirley had two children. Tracy born Sept, 8, 1971 and Kelly born Aug. 13, 1976 .They reside in Trenton, GA. Tracy is married to James Linder. They have a Daughter, Mollie Ann Linder born Aug 9, 2000 in Chattanooga. TN.


  1. Chuck Dickerson

    Terry V. Dickerson died Oct. 30,2008. Robert Dickerson, son of Terry and Linda, died sept of 07. Terry’s son Marty was born in 72, and has 2 children Travis lee and Taylor Brook.

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