And Family



In the summer of 1949, Elmer E. Gardner of Alabama, applied to Roy Moore, Supt. Of Dade County Schools, for the position of principal of New Salem Elementary School. For one year, he was principal of the school, and their daughter, Jeannine Alberta Gardner, taught at New Salem Elementary School as the fourth and fifth grade teacher. His wife, Nellie Jones Gardner, served as the visiting teacher of Dade County for a period of five or six years.


Jeannine met Grover A. Moore, the son of Art Ernest Moore and Effie Lee Street Moore, and they married on Jan. 6, 1951. They lived in a house that they rented from Catherine Driggs Moore, who was Art Moore’s sister-in-law. They lived in Dade County until 1955, when Grover got a job at X-10 in Oak Ridge, TN. Three of their four children were born in Georgia. David Randall Moore was born Nov. 27, 1951, at the Simonton Clinic at Chickamauga. Richard Alan Moore was born April 7, 1953, also at the Simonton Clinic. Pamela Jeannine Moore was born July 21, 1955 at Tri-County Hospital in Ft. Oglethorpe, which later changed names to Hutchison Memorial Hospital. Their last, Beverly Joyce Moore was born in Oak Ridge, TN on July 5, 1958.


Grover and Jean moved to Kingston, Roane Co., TN in 1958, where they continue to live. Their oldest son, David, lives in Kingston with his wife and daughter. He is a psychologist at the Mountain View Youth Development Center at Dandridge, TN. Richard lives in Holtville, Imperial Co., CA with his wife and four children. He is a Southern Baptist minister at Liberty Baptist Church in Holtville, where he preaches his sermons in both English and Spanish. Pamela is married, has two daughters, and lives in Maumelle, Pulasi Co., AR where she works as a bookkeeper for a mortgage firm. Beverly is married, has two sons, and lives in Kingston, TN. (Submitted by Jeannine Moore, 102 Oak Lane, Kingston, TN 37763.)

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