John Hawkins Prince, his wife, Ellander, and their ten children were born in South Carolina, probably Union County.  They were in Pendleton Co., SC in 1825 when their daughter, Sarah, was born and moved to Warren Co. TN in about 1837.  He was on the tax roll for Warren not in 1836 but in 1838 He and some of his married children and their in laws were in a group in Warren Co., (the portion that became Grundy Co.) in 1844.  The Prince adults signed the petition in 1844 to form Grundy Co.


About 1846, John and most of his married children came down the Sequatchie River and bought land in the north portion of Dade County.  Part of the land purchased was land lot 41 and 106, as well as a lot in the town of Trenton, and numerous other land lots. The Prince children moving with John to Dade were:

Greenberry b. 1813 married to Susannah Dykes, daughter of Isham and Prudence Choat Dykes.

Lucinda (b. 1814) married to John Gross, jr. son of John Gross, Sr.

Ellander (b. 1820) married to Patrick Dutton, Jr., son of Patrick Dutton, Sr.

Hulda (b. 1823) married to Jonathan Vickers, son of Joseph and Hannah Vickers.

Their son Sanford (b. 1816) married to Joann Thomas, daughter of George and Julia Thomas, was living in McMinn Co., TN and did not move with the family until later.

Sarah (b. 1825) married the widower Joab McCullum in 1846 almost immediately after arriving in Dade.  Possibly the McCullum’s and Prince’s were acquainted while living in Pendleton.

Nancy (b.1827), twin daughters, Matilda and Laura Jane (b. 1828) and John H. Jr. (b.1829) were single and living at home with their parents.


When the 1850 census was taken John, Greenberry, John Gross, Patrick Dutton, Jonathan Vickers, and Joab McCullum were heads of households.  John, with 4 adult children; Greenberry, 5 children and $250 in land; John Gross, 6 children and $400 in land; Patrick Dutton, 8 children; Jonathan Vickers, 5 children and $400 in land; and Joab McCullum,10 children and $1200 in land. Of the McCullum children 3 were daughters of Sarah Prince McCullum.  John and Ellander had a total of 27 grandchildren in Dade. Their son, Sanford, after returning from the Mexican War was still living in McMinn Co., TN and had 4 children.


Greenberry and Sanford Prince (along with John Hockings Prince, and his son-in-law, David Davis) bought land in Dekalb Co., AL in Township 10 S and Range 6 E.(current Etowah County, AL).  They paid $1.25 per acre.  This was customary price for government land before to the Homestead Act.


It is not know why the Princes moved to Dekalb or why they came back to Dade. Nevertheless, by 1859, all had returned.  John H., Jr. had married Emily Sauls and two of Greenberry’s daughters, Mary Ann and Matilda, married while in Dekalb Co. Nine children were born to members of the clan in Dekalb.  Matilda Prince, Greenberry’s daughter, who had married Andrew Jackson Yeargin died giving birth to her baby daughter, Elizabeth.


Martin Rennow married Laura Jane Prince in about 1853.  They had 5 children before she died.  Rennow then married Matilda Prince, Laura’s twin sister in 1875.  Only Nancy was unmarried at the time.  She seems to have been the only one of the Prince clan that was cursed with alcoholism.  She gave birth to William Henry Prince about 1848 and married Enoch Blakely in 1866.


Many families in Dade were not pro-Confederate and The Prince family was among them.  Sanford was one of four residents of Dade who was successful in a bid for money from the Southern Claims Commission.  Sanford maintained that he was pro-Union throughout the war and aided the Union soldiers, when possible.  He further stated that his

Brother, John H., Jr., was forced into the Confederate Army. He served the Alabama 6th Infantry. His brother in law, Martin Rennow, vouched for his claim. Another brother-in-law David Davis was in the Georgia 34th Infantry unit.


By 1870, Ellander had died and John, who was blind, was living with his daughters, Nancy and Matilda.  Most of the remaining members of his family were living nearby.


Sanford is buried in the Chattanooga Military cemetery. Sarah Prince

McCullum is buried at Sarah’s chapel.  Nancy is buried in an unmarked grave in Jacoway cove. The weather was so bad they could not get her body to the Shanty Town cemetery to bury her beside her son, William H.  The rest of the family rest in unmarked graves scattered in hills of Dade County.


There are still many descendants of John and Ellander still living in and near Dade.


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