moore-john-wAnna Joyce Moore Wallace

Sweetwater, TN

John W. Moore

John W. Moore, born 10/01/1845 died 07/20/1904, married Delia Warren, she was born 02/18/1843 died 03/22/1923, came to Lookout Mountain, Georgia sometime before the civil war. They were land owners and farmers.

Their children are:

1. Charles Alexander Moore born 06/01/1864, died 02/16/1918.

2. Sarah Josephine Moore, born 1874 died 03/18/1945.

3. John W. Moore, II, born 1876.

4. James M. Moore, born 1878 died in 1941.

5. Clarence L. Moore, born 04/1881 died 04/26/1949.

6. Walter J. Moore, born 05/18/1883 died 10/23/1953.

All their children grew up on Lookout Mountain and all remained there except John W. Moore, Jr. He and most of his children moved to Texas. John W. Moore was struck by lightening and died in 1904. Delia Moore died in 1923. Both are buried in the Hawkins Cemetery, New Salem Community, Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

  1. denny w. moore

    hi–this was a wonderful portrait of john and delia.they were my g-g-g-grandparents.their son,
    charles alexander moore was my g-g-grandfather.
    and his son,arthur elvis moore was my g-grandfather.and his son,virgil ray moore was my grandfather. all the photos dispayed on this site were wonderful–i had never known what any of the elder moore’s looked like.does anyone have a portrait of john moore and martha bradford ? i’d
    love to have a copy.thanks. denny w. moore

  2. alicemc

    If they do, I would love to get a copy for this site. I have never heard or seen one.

  3. denny w. moore

    hi–thank you for responding to my question.i’d like to contribute some pictures and a couple of stories–how do i do that ? and how would i be able to obtain a copy of the book,once it is printed ? let me know as soon as you can.
    many thanks,denny w. moore

  4. denny w. moore

    in february i went to live with my father’s family in lafayette,ga.and got to meet alot of moore’s i never knew i was kin to.over time i got to have copies of many photos of the moore’s.i am so proud to have of my cousins took me to see hawkins was such a beautiful place.i also got to see oval talley moore.he was a joy to talk to.i hope i get to see him again.
    and now i understand the rift between the 2 moore families-between brothers john washington moore and william alexander moore.apparently one side (william alexander moore)
    got a little better off money-wise.and they refuse to acknowledge the poor side(john washington moore) or even say they are kin to us.i take great umbrage to comes and money goes but blood is blood,and that is the way it should be.please remove this rift;it is only hurting and no good is coming out of it.

  5. Bonnie J Reynolds

    @ Denny W. Moore… I would love to hear any info you have… I cannot tell you how shocked I was to be sitting here looking for ancestry facts tonight and ran across your post that listed OVAL TALLEY MOORE… He is my great uncle… I am just getting started trying to trace family members and unfortunately, I did not grow up around them so it is even harder for me… I am Ollie M. Moore’s grand-daughter… my family moved to Albany, Ga. when I was around 2 yrs old…. I would love, love to hear the story… plus any others you could offer…

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