Henry Jones was born 10 Jun 1808 in Tennessee, and though a great deal is known about him, he remains an enigma. Research appears to connect Henry to his possible origins and first wife in East Tennessee. It is thought that he married Frances Robbs on 9 Aug 1827, in Roane County. She was born 1801-1810 in Tennessee; daughter of Edward (c 1781) and Betsey Sarah Alexander (c 1780) Robbs, granddaughter of William and Elizabeth Watson Robbs, Sr. Henry and Frances were enumerated very near their parents on the 1830 census, north of the Tennessee River in the Rockwood area of Roane County. Henry’s father, Richard Jones (1771-1780), mother (c 1781-1790), and family, were enumerated next to Frances’ father, Edward Robbs and family. Henry’s possible older brother, Samuel, appears nearby. (Richard, Samuel and Henry Jones were very distinctly separated from other Jones families in Roane, and may be related to the Jones families who were early settlers of the Sequatchie Valley, an area which was split off from Roane to form Bledsoe County in 1807.) Richard Jones also appears on the 1840 Roane census; but, Edward Robbs, and Henry and Samuel Jones have moved on. Henry’s son, Simeon, was born 1840 in Alabama, but, the family has not been located there. If Frances was the mother of all the children, she apparently died between 1847 and 1850 in Dade Co., Georgia, after the birth of their youngest son, John. No other probable first wife has been found.

Henry and wife, Susan A. (c 1809 TN), are first documented in Georgia on the 1850 census in Dade County. In Henry’s household are two as yet unidentified females, Elizabeth Dervin (c 1832 AL), and Mary Gifford (c 1839 AL). His father, Richard (c l778 VA), and wife Polly (c 1788 TN), are nearby and enumerated on the same day, and both couples appear to be marked as having been married within the year, giving rise to yet more questions. Henry’s younger sister and husband, Alien and Elizabeth Jones Brown are enumerated in Richard’s household, and probable younger brother, George W. Jones, also appears nearby and same day. They were farming families who lived near the Alabama state fine, between Trenton and Rising Fawn, in Back Valley near Stewart Town. Nothing further has been found on Henry’s father or siblings. By 1860, only Henry and some of his children are found in Dade County. Eldest son, Richard and family have been to Missouri and returned; while sons, Edward and William have married and remained in Lawrence Co., Missouri. Richard’s death in the Confederate Army in the fall of 1863, may have given impetus to Henry’s selling his land less than four months later to Larkin Payne; a 160 acre tract situated north of the boundary existing between John Stewart and Henry Jones where a main hollow comes down from the Mountain passage, and an 80 acre parcel near Crawfish Creek between said Stewart’s and Jones’ fields using certain trees and other natural landmarks as boundary descriptions. With Richard’s death, Edward and William in Missouri, and Simeon away at war, only Henry and young John were left to work the land. Perhaps with the added war-time difficulties, Henry was already preparing to move north to Missouri. It is not known when Henry left Georgia, but, he was probably in Alabama for some period of time with Simeon, Sarah, and John’s families, before they all arrive in Missouri in the late 1860’s.

Henry died of Typhoid Fever on 24 May 1875, in Lincoln Twp. (present Miller), Lawrence Co., Missouri, and is buried in Miller Memorial Gardens. Presumed the second, but, possibly even the third wife, Susan A., died between 4th & 10th Nov 1877, in Lawrence County, and is probably buried near Henry, though no marker has been found for her. Her exact birth date and place have not been determined, as her birth years on census records range from 1808 to 1811, with origins given as Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina. She may be a Wheeler by birth or prior marriage. The mother’s maiden name on the death certificate of Sarah P. Jones Tatum, is Susan Wheeler. It is interesting to note that two Wheeler families are enumerated next to Henry and Susan Jones in 1860 Dade Co, Georgia; one is a Simeon, who would be of correct age to be an uncle to Henry’s son, Simeon. Henry’s children are identified in his nuncupative will of 20 May 1875, and except for daughter Elizabeth, the families are known and documented. It is hoped that other descendant researchers will eventually provide further information about Elizabeth and her family. Henry’s children and families are as follows:

1. Richard S. Jones, b. 25 Aug 1829 Roane Co?, TN, d. in Confederate service 29 Oct 1862 East Tennessee. Married 20/23 Feb 1851 Dade Co., GA, to Sarah “Sallie” Allison, b. 23 Oct 1827 prob. Marion Co., TN, d. aft. 1899 prob. Fannin or Dallas Co, TX; daughter of William and {Catherine Unknown Allison of Dade Co., GA. Richard enrolled Jul 1862 as a Pvt. in Co D, later promoted to 1st Sgt. Co K, 39th Rgmt Ga Vol Inf Army of Tn, C.S.A. Children: l.a. Amanda Melinda “Catherine” Jones, b. 10 Jan 1852 Dade Co., GA. Married 11 May 1873 Lawrence Co., MO, to James A. McGehee. l.b. William Henry Jones, b. 10 Jul 1853 Dade Co., GA, d. aft. 3 Feb 1933 prob. Bee Co., TX. Married 9 Jul 1877 Coffin Co., TX, to Eliza Ann Lane. I.c. John E. W. Jones, b. 5 Sep 1855 Lawrence Co., MO, d. aft. 3 Feb 1933 prob. Fannin Co., TX Married Lizzie McCandless. l.d. Hugh J. Jones, b. 16 Mar 1858 Dade Co., GA, d. 3 Feb 1933 Dallas Co., TX. Married 1st 20 Sep 1881 Dallas Co., TX, to Matilda “Mollie” Rhea, and 2nd 16 Sep 1893 Dallas Co., TX, to Nancy E. Unknown. I.e. George Washington Jones, b. 5 Mar 1860 Dade Co., GA, d. 1 Sep 1910 Dallas Co., TX. Married 11 Jan 1883 TX, to Anna Elizabeth Kirby. l.f. Richard S. Jones, b. 10 May 1862 Dade Co., GA, d. aft. 1880.

2. Edward Watson Jones, b. 14 Dec 1831 Roane Co?, TN, d. 19 Jan 1916 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens. Married 10 Sep 1859 Lawrence Co., MO, to Virginia M. “Jennie” Isbell, b. 27 Sep 1829 Surry Co., N.C., d. 12 Mar 1902 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens; daughter of Hickman and Anny Tharp(e) Isbell. Edward, noted as Militia service in Goodspeed’s History, was probably in the Enrolled Missouri Militia or a Home Guard Unit during the Civil War; those records are not extant. Children: 2.a. Sarah A. Jones, b. I860 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 1930 MO, bur. Shiloh Cem., Dade Co., MO. Married 13 Oct 1878 Lawrence Co., MO, to Thadeous P. Friar, b. 11 Feb 1856 Dade Co., MO, d. 11 Oct 1901 MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. 2.b. John H. Jones, b. 3 Dec 1863 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 3 Sep 1945 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens. Married 23 Mar 1891 Lawrence Co, MO, to Martha E. Greeson, b. c 1869 Lawrence Co., MO. 2.c. Francis Marion “Frank” Jones, b. 29 Oct 1867 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 19 Jul 1942 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens Married 12 Sep 1894 Lawrence Co., MO, to Ruth A. Greeson, b. 8 Apr 1866, d. 17 May 1927, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens. 2.d. Ollie Jones, b. c!871 Lawrence Co., MO. Married 1 Nov 1891 Lawrence Co., MO, to George F. Adams.

S. William W. Jones, b. 2 Jun 1832 Roane? or Monroe? Co., TN, d. 2 May 1901 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. Married 30 Sep 1858 Lawrence Co., MO, to Mary Helen Truitt, b. c!837 in Kentucky, d. 6 Jun 1868 possibly AL or GA; daughter of Franklin and Margaret “Peggy” Gault Truitt of Lawrence Co., MO. William enrolled 1 Nov 1863 as a Pvt. in Co B 15th Mo Cav, U.S.A.; mustered out 1 Jul 1865. Children: 3.a. Martha Washington Jones, b. 8 Jul 1859 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 8 Feb 1943 MO, bur. Shiloh Cem.. Married 18 Jul 1876 Lawrence Co., MO, to Emsley Stockton, b. 15 Apr 1855 in MO, d. 27 Jan 1940, bur. Shiloh Cem. 3.b. Henry J. Jones, b. 1860 Lawrence Co., MO, died 1864. 3.c. Thomas Watson Jones, b. 20 Jan 1868 in Cobb Co?, AL or GA, died 5 Aug 1936 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Sycamore Cem., Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO. Married 1st 17 Nov 1888 Lawrence Co., MO, to Myrtle Stockton, b. 26 Jun 1869, d. 15 Jul 1890 MO, bur. Shiloh Cem., and 2nd 30 Apr 1895 Lawrence Co., MO, to Sarah R. “Sadie” Hinkle, b. Dec 1870 MO, d. 1966 MO, bur. Sycamore Cem.

4. Elizabeth Jones, born cl830-1835 (Est.) prob. TN. She is named in her father’s will as Elizabeth Wilson, and is referenced in later settlement records as residing in Lawrence Co., MO, where she purchased items from the estate, and in 1880, signed for her final share of inheritance.

5. Simeon H. Jones, b. 1840 AL, d. 1876 Lincoln Twp., Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem Gardens. Married c 1865 in prob. Dade Co., GA, to Susannah Tribble “Susan” Stewart, b. 1843 Dekalb Co, AL, d. bet. 15 Jul 1871 – 31 Dec 1871 Lincoln Twp., Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Miller Mem. Gardens; daughter of Samuel Stewart of Dekalb Co., AL, niece of John J. and Mary Ann Guinn Stewart of Dade Co., GA. Simeon enrolled 4 Mar 1862 as a Pvt. in Co D, later promoted to 1st Sgt. Co K, 39th Rgmt Ga Vol Inf Army of Tn, C.S.A., attached to Pemberton’s Army during the siege of Vicksburg, MS, was surrendered and paroled. Returned to service and surrendered 26 Apr 1865 at Greensboro, N. C. Children: 5.a. Margaret A. Jones, b. 29 Jun 1866 AL, d. 22 Aug 1950 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. Married 20 Jul 1884 Lawrence Co., MO, to Samuel Fortner, b. 11 May 1861 Greene Co., MO, d. 6 Dec 1937 Lawrence Co., MO, bur, Shiloh Cem. 5.b. Mary E. “Mollie” Jones, b. c!869 AL, last record of her is in 1884 Lawrence Co, MO, 5.c. Clifton Benjamin Franklin Jones, b. 15 Jul 1871 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 5 Feb 1951 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. Married 23 Jun 1891 Dade Co,, MO, to Louella A. “Ella” Sexton, b. 28 Jul 1870 Greene Co., TN, d. 16 May 1943 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem.

6. Sarah P. Jones, b. 16 May 1843 Dade Co., GA, d. 23 Aug 1919 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. Married c 1865 prob. Dade Co., GA, to George Hooper Tatum, b. 1 Aug 1842 Dade Co., GA, d. 26 Jan 1903 Nevada, Vernon Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem.; son of Robert Haley and Mary Ann Sutton Tatum, of Dade Co., GA. George enrolled 4 Mar 1862 and served as a 2nd Sgt. Co D 39th Rgmt Ga Vol Inf Army of Tn, C.S.A.; mustered out 3 Jan 1865. Children: 6.a. Robert H. J. Tatum, b. c 1865 GA, d. bef. 1904 Dennison, TX. Married Mattie J. Unknown. 6.b. Mary E. “Mollie” Tatum, b. 10 Apr 1866 AL, d. 25 Aug 1885 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. 6.c. John Hooper Tatum, b. 24 Jun 1869 Macon, GA, d. 4 Feb 1950 Lowry City, St. Clair Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. Married 1st 3 May 1902 to Nona Evelyn Hastings, b. 21 Apr 1883 Dilday’s Mill, Dade Co., MO, d. 28 Jun 1938 Miller, Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem, and 2nd to Emma L. Unknown, b. 1872, d. 1966 Lowry City, St. Clair Co., MO, bur. Osceola Cem, St. Clair Co., MO. 6.d. Frances B. Tatum, b. Sep 1871 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 1958, bur. Sycamore Cem. Married 5 Sep 1894 Lawrence Co., MO, to Walter Ruark, b. 9 Jun 1869 MO, d. 1934, bur. Sycamore Cem. 6.e. Edward B. Tatum, b. 2 Jul 1875 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 7 May 1894 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem 6.f. Hardy W. Tatum, b. 7 Jun 1878 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 21 Aug 1885 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. 6.g. Frankie Tatum, b. 26 Nov 1881 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 7 Mar 1888 Lawrence Co., MO, bur. Shiloh Cem. 6.h. Ellis E. Tatum, b. 1881 Lawrence Co., MO. Married Feb 1908 Mi. Vemon, MO, to Mary Elizabeth Hamic, b. 3 Sep 1884 Dade Co., MO.

7. John Henry Jones, b. 20 Nov 1847 Dade Co., GA, d. 27 Dec 1927 prob. OK, bur. Coffman Cem?, Melissa, Collin Co., TX. Married 1st 27 May 1867 Trenton, Dade Co., GA, to Nancy Henderson Wakefield, b. 27 Mar 1850 Trenton, Dade Co., GA, d. 6 Jan 1902 in Melissa, Collin Co., TX; the daughter of Silas Burke and Sophrenia Sutton Wakefield of Dade Co., GA. He married 2nd 18 Dec 1907 Fannin Co., TX, to Mattie Brahme, b. c 1864 AL (no children). Children of John H and Nancy: 7.a. Orphelia Elizabeth Jones, b. 5 Jun 1868 AL, d. 31 Dec 1912 Melissa, Coffin Co., TX, bur. Coffman Cem? Married 14 Feb 1889 Melissa, Collin Co., TX, to Thomas Jackson Hunter, b. 1864, d. 1936, 7.b. Henry Burton Jones, b. 7 Mar 1871 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 24 Mar 1961 Alba, Rains Co., TX. Married 19 Nov 1897 Melissa, Collin Co., TX, to Ida A. Dermis. 7.c. Houston “Huse” Jones, b. 20 Dec 1872 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 20 Dec 1956 in Huntsville, Walker Co., TX. Married Laura Unknown. 7.d. Gertrude Ann “Gertie” Jones, b. 1 Jan 1874 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 22 Oct 1903 Melissa, Collin Co., TX, bur. Coffman Cem? Married 25 Oct 1893 Melissa, Collin Co., TX, to Alvin Ryle Kirby. 7.e. Hardie Jones, b. 23 Jan 1877 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 8 Jul 1951 Ft. Worth, TX. Married Edna Unknown. 7.f. Pearl Lee Jones, b. 14 Nov 1879 Lawrence Co., MO, d. 21 Apr 1973 Ft Worth, TX. Married 1st Fred Burge and 2nd Sam Sellers. 7.g. George Wayne Jones, b. 12 Dec 1881 Collin Co, TX, d. c 27 Jan 1951, buried Memorial Park Cem., Oklahoma City, OK. Married 3 Feb 1904 Coffin Co, TX, to Mary Hayes. 7.h. Lucy Jane Jones, b. 8 Apr 1883 Coffin Co., TX d 21 Jan 1951 Durant, Bryan Co., OK. Married 2 Dec 1903 Melissa, Collin Co., TX, to Earl Greathouse Moats. 71 Homer Coleman Jones, b. 22 Oct 1885 Coffin Co., TX, d. 23 Feb 1952 Ft. Worth, TX. Married Coffin Co., TX, to Ethel Unknown. 7.j. Mary Etta Jones, b. 22 Dec 1888 Coffin Co, TX, d. 25 May 1975 Dennison, TX. Married 1st 12 Jan 1909 Fannin Co., TX, to Goffery Nelson, and 2nd to George Vanston. 7.k. Mittie Ethel Jones, b. 29 Mar 1890 Melissa, Coffin Co., TX d. Issaquah, King Co., WA Married 4 Apr 1909 Fannin Co., TX to Buford Bulcher, b. 20 Aug 1888, d. Jun 1973 San Pedro, CA

-Vicki Peterson, with additional resources of Daphne Harding, and Mary Gratton.


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