John Fletcher Lee was born 19 may 1370 in Dade County, Georgia. His parents were John Wesley Lee (born 10 Aug 1332, Dade Co, Ga.) and Martha Jane Louie, birthplace unknown. The Lee’s lived in the McMahan District (#1037). They also had a daughter, Sarah E. born apx. 1869. The Lee’s occupation was farming the Georgia soils.

On the date the 1860 census was being taken, June 5 John Fleteher was ill with Scrofula (primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands; especially in the neck).

By 1900, we find John Fletcher has been married apx. 5 years to a Laura (surname unknown) born Feb 1875 in Georgia. At this time they have two boys, Earnest and Earl* John Fleteher is an illiterate farmer who rents a farm according to schedule # 66 on the census.

The early 1900’s finds that John Fletcher and his family, along with his parents, John Wesley and Martha Jane Lee, have migrated to Hardin County, Texas, settling around the Village Mills area to once again till the soils of the land.

The 1910 census records show John Fletcher has now married a Sarah L. (unknown surname) born apx 1872 in Alabama. There are children listed, but it is uncertain which ones belong to Laura and which ones belong to Sarah. The children are as follows in no particular order; Earnest, Earl, Bessie, Sherman, Elana, Bertha, Mable, Norman, Jack. There may have been another infant among these who died.

In 1919 John Fletcher’s father, John Wesley, became ill and would suffer for two years with Pellagra (a niacin deficiency in the diet) that resulted in his demise on 18 Nov 1921. He is buried in Village Mills Cemetery, Village Mills, Hardin Co. Texas.

He was 89 years, 2, months and 8 days old.

Sometime by 1930, John Fleteher marries for the 3rd and final time to Mollie Floy Spivey born in Texas apx 1912. That marriage produces five children, two daughters (Frances Marie and Nettie Mae) and two sons (Jackie R. and John Winston “J. W.”) and another child who died in infancy.

During the course of his life, John Fletcher worked as a farmer, teamster and was a retired employee of Kirby Lumber Co.

After a lengthy illness, at 8:45 Sunday morning, June 15th, John Fletcher succumbed to congestive heart failure with atherosclerosis being a contributing cause of death. He was 71 years and 26 days old. Burial was at the Village Mills Cemetery, Village Mills, Hardin Co. Texas on June 16, 1941.

Written by Carolyn Jack Lee Mtn. Home, Arkansas 72653

  1. Lundie Dyer

    Is this site a place where I might get information on my husband’s great grandfather, who died at Wildwood in 1949? His name was Lewis Thomas Lee, b in 1864, married Sarah Samantha Johnson in 1885. If not, does anyone have a suggestion for finding death and other information?
    Lundie Dyer

  2. Betty Lee White

    Lundie,I will pray that you find love one.I have been trying to find proof of my grandfathers birth and his fathers name for eleven years.I hope you will pray for my daughter and me too.My grandfathers name was William Isaac Lee.He was born in Selma Alabama in 1858.God bless yoy on your search.

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